EURAXESS Japan action plan for 2019 is here!

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Supporting your MSCA and ERC plans: Grants In Practice

First of all, we will further increase our support to those of you who wish to prepare an MSCA or ERC grant proposal, by renewing our flagship event Grants In Practice and make an additional contribution to it in the form of a science communication workshop for researchers. The event should take place around late May/early June, so stay tuned!

We would also like to offer consultations, later in the year (but way ahead of the deadlines), on days and placesyet to be announced, so that those of you who have an advanced stage proposal may receive council (not on the scientific content though!).

Fostering community activities for the European researchers in Japan: European Research Nights and European Research Day

The ERNs and the ERD will come back in 2019 in a slightly altered format: the ERNs will still be social, evening interaction forums around specific cross-disciplinary, overarching topics, but this time in close cooperation with all the already existing associations of European researchers (Sciencescope, JSPS Club, ACEJapon, Ricercatore Italiani in Giappone). The ERD will again take place in early Autumn, but will now mostly focus on creating an opportunity for the researchers associations to diaologue and exchange best practices, and to foster similar initiatives from nationalities or regions of Europe which do not yet havesuch an organisation taking care of them.

Promoting your innovative projects: European Innovation Day

As experimented in 2018, the EID should propose sessions allowing the interaction of European researchers based in Japan, start-ups, companies and investors (from Europe and Japan), and representative bodies of European countries in Japan (Embassies, Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Funding Agencies, etc). It will come in late Autumn/early Winter 2019.

Providing uselful information directly at your institution: EURAXESS Japan Tour

The 2019 edition of the EURAXESS Japan Tour (EJT) will be a bit more ambitious than before, while focusing on less venues, so as to allow more time on-site (outside of the Tokyo area), and be able to take time for consulting with local researchersin addition to the usual seminar sessions. The venues and timings of the 2019 EJT editions to come will be announced regularly on our website and via our email updates, so be sure to check them!