Assistant Professor in the Hokkaido University Museum

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[Explanation of institution (recruitment background, institution details, explanation of project, etc.)]

We invite applications for the position of Assistant Professor, in the Hokkaido University Museum, Hokkaido University.

[Job details (duties, subject responsible for, etc.)]

Research Field Requested:Biodiversity study based on botanical specimen

Job Details (duties, subject responsible for, etc):

・Research and education that utilize academic specimens and resources.

・Management of academic specimens and the database.

・Museum and outreach activities through exhibitions, seminars, and other media.

・Supports for the activities of museum volunteer.

・He/she belong to any Graduate School concurrently with the museum and will give lectures in the Graduate School.

・He/she will teach general education and curator training courses.

[Address of work location and other information]

The Hokkaido University Museum

Kita 10 Nishi 8, Kita-ku, Sapporo, 060-0810 Japan

[Available positions (Job title, number of positions, etc.)]

Assistant Professor in the Division of Research.

[Starting date]

April 1, 2019 or as close as possible.


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