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    30/09/2022 - 15:00
    India, New Delhi
    30/09/2022 - 16:30
    Euraxess India

Are you thinking about getting published? Publishing is an integral part of the research process with most academics required to publish at least once in their professional career. Researchers must also navigate a publishing landscape that is constantly evolving.

This 90min session is particularly designed to provide a basic overview of the current state of academic publishing in the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences to enable a better understanding of the process.

The session will cover:

  • what to consider when choosing where to publish

  • preparing a journal article for publication

  • the peer review and publication process

  • how to ensure that your published research has an impact

  • we will also discuss some ethical issues to be aware of when conducting your research and writing your article

Come along to hear informative presentations, to ask questions, and to do some publishing networking.


Watch the webinar here:


Who should attend?

The session is open to early career researchers from all disciplines, in particular from Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences.

All participants will receive a webinar attendance certificate.


When will this webinar take place?

This webinar will take place on 30 September at 3:00-4:30pm IST. Please ensure you confirm the timing in the time zone where you are based!


Will participants be able to ask questions?

Webinar participants will be able to submit questions to the speakers during the webinar in writing via the Q&A function. Open questions will be addressed in a subsequent interactive Q&A session.


Registration is now openSpace is limited, and attendance is on a first come first serve basis. The presentations will all be held in English. This webinar is entirely free.


This webinar is organised in partnership with Taylor & Francis.


About the Speaker

Erato Basea, Portfolio Manager at Routledge, Taylor & Francis 

Erato has worked on Routledge’s Art & Design journals since 2017, and Routledge’s Sociology journals since 2018. Erato comes to this role with years of experience in academic publishing, having been an author of academic work, peer reviewer, editor and postdoctoral researcher at Columbia University in the City of New York. She has taught courses at the University of Oxford, SciencesPo and Columbia University. She holds a Master’s degree in Modern Languages and D.Phil. in Film and Cultural Studies from the University of Oxford.


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