Position of Research Technician in Biochemistry and Cellular Biology at MeDILS,Croatia

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Application deadline: 20 March 2018.

The Longevity and Rejuvenation group in the Mediterranean Institute for Life Sciences (www.medils.hr/) are offering this position.

The group focuses on the identification of new molecules and synergistic cocktails of molecules that could slow down, stop or even reverse the aging process. Their model of study is primary human skin fibroblasts but include other model organisms. They also investigating all the possible cause of cellular aging to provide a more solid ground and potential new targets for this identification of molecules. They are especially interested in protein protection, cellular recycling mechanisms, mitochondria and cellular senescence. The search for new active compounds is also at the heart of their activity.

They are looking for an experienced biologist with strong motivation, teamwork skills and adaptability to work on various projects.

The selected candidate will have to work on various aspect of molecule screening including extraction and isolation of new molecules from extracts (HPLC), work in cell culture and test of biological markers of aging on 96-well plate reader, fluorescent microscope and flow cytometer.


A limited time contract for a period of one year with a trial period of three months, with the possibility of extending the contract for another year. MedILS provides a stimulating working environment and offer housing options for foreign applicants.

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