International Yoga Day on 21 June 2017 | Research project funded by the European Union contributing to better understanding of yoga and its benefits

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Dr James Mallinson, Lecturer at London University and ERC grantee says:

Yoga's history shows it to be a transformative spiritual technology that anyone can use. By increasing global awareness of yoga, the International Day of Yoga is bringing uplift to humanity.

Millions of people in India, in Europe and around the world are celebrating today the International Day of Yoga, created in December 2014 by the United Nations at the initiative of India.

Many Europeans practice yoga, which has deep roots in India and can provide benefits to anyone in the world. As such yoga can contribute to better understanding and cultural exchanges between Europeans and Indian citizens and strengthen people-to-people contacts.

At this occasion the European Union wishes to highlight a very particular research project which the European Research Council (ERC), a programme within the Scientific Excellence pillar of the EU's Research and Innovation Programme 'Horizon 2020', is supporting, aiming at a better understanding of the roots of yoga, through mapping and studying Sanskrit manuscripts and fieldwork. The project will identify yoga’s aims and benefits and show how they have adapted to changing historical contexts.

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