Indo-German Symposium- Future of Work 2019

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    19/03/2019 - 10:00
    India, New Delhi
    20/03/2019 - 16:00
    DWIH New Delhi

Driven by technological developments, but also by social, economic and cultural shifts, the world of work is evolving. Gradually moving towards an era where man and machine shall co-work by deploying technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, big data, robotics, IoT at the site of work and otherwise, the challenge of the future will be to extract the best out of this co-working relationship. Human societies have little choice but to brace themselves for the changes to come and find intelligent ways of managing and steering them.

Shifting trends towards increasing dependency on technology and automation will have tangible and intangible effects on business, economy, society and on individuals. In order, to help us understand them, we need to reject facile generalizations, but must look at the complex realities and consider topics from migration via data-privacy and security to social equality.

With an aim to encourage an exchange of views, to deepen our understanding of the issues and to start deliberating on possible responses to the changing world of work, the DWIH symposium "Future of Work" will bring together eminent Indian and German academicians, scientists, researchers, policymakers, representatives of international organisations. The event will be structured around five broad themes.

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