First report on the performance of European Partnerships under Horizon Europe

The European Commission released its first report on the ‘Performance of the European Partnerships: Biennial Monitoring Report 2022 on Partnerships under Horizon Europe’ (BMR 2022). The report provides an overview of the new Partnership landscape under Horizon Europe and establishes the basis for assessing their progress in future reports.

The BMR 2022 constitutes the first comprehensive monitoring of Horizon Europe Partnerships, using a set of common indicators and analysing their contribution to EU policy objectives and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. It further provides a snapshot of the 27 EU Member States, Iceland, and Norway performance in Partnerships (‘country fiches), as well as of the individual European Partnership performance (‘Partnership fiches’). The report explores the added value of Partnerships by providing examples of outcomes and impacts.

Mariya Gabriel, Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth, said: 

Horizon Europe supports EU Partnerships to deliver on the EU priorities for a resilient green and digital transition. The Biennial Monitoring Report 2022 is part of a new approach to partnerships and was long awaited, providing evidence-base information on the effectiveness of EU Partnerships and to guide strategic  discussions on their future.

A total of EUR 55.3 billion, has been committed for the European Partnerships in the first Horizon Europe Strategic Plan (2021-2024), of this total, EUR 23.9 billion comes from Horizon Europe.

The report shows that European Partnerships:

  • are major contributors to both the digital and green transition, resilience, and the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The report finds that the share of resources planned by Partnerships to contribute to these objectives is significantly higher in Horizon Europe than in H2020.

  • have become strategic policy instruments, which is reflected also in the increased interest and commitments to European Partnerships from the Member States and Associated Countries and industry that together have contributed to the total budget with a commitment of EUR 31.4 billion.

  • have a clear potential for synergies and cooperation between European Partnerships across Horizon clusters and with other policy instruments at the EU and national level.

In addition to the data and indicators used by the report to analyse the Partnerships at the Horizon Europe level, the BMR also reports on the progress of the EU Partnerships by analysing six  Partnership-level common indicators. These indicators are: additionality and directionality, coherence and synergies, openness and transparency, and international visibility, and they help to capture the agreed principles for the effective implementation and monitoring of European Partnerships.

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