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DENMARK: 19 PhD positions in the field of offshore wind engineering


19 PhD Positions in the MSCA Industrial Doctoral Network ADOreD

Renewable power is one of the main drives to achieve carbon reduction and net-zero, and to meet the ambitious climate goals. In particular, offshore wind power in Europe has been developing at a rapid pace in recent years. Multi-Giga watts offshore wind farms with larger wind turbine power ratings, floating wind turbines installed in deeper water areas, and higher ratio of renewables integrated to existing power grids, are fundamentally changing power system operations and bringing new challenges and technical demands.

This industry-doctorate consortium, ADOreD (Accelerating the Deployment of Offshore wind using Dc technology), will recruit and train 19 Researchers by collaborating with 6 academic and 12 industrial partners. The consortium aims to tackle the academic and technical challenges in the areas of transmission of offshore wind power to the AC grid, by using power electronics-based AC/DC technologies. In doing so, we will equip the Researchers, through their PhD studies, with essential knowledge and skills to face fast energy transition in their future careers. The network is funded by the Marie Skolodowska-Curie Action of the European Commission, grant agreement No 101073554. The 19 doctoral candidates will be recruited from March 1st 2023, for 36 months.

Project summary

The project covers 3 key research aspects: offshore wind (including wind turbines, wind power collection, and wind farm design and control); DC technologies (including AC/DC converters, HVDC control and DC network operation and protection); and AC grid (including stability and control of AC grids dominated with converters under various control modes. The ADOreD consortium has excellent coverage of academic universities and industry organizations including manufacturers, energy utilities, system operators, consultancy and technology innovation centres.

Employment conditions

The project will employ 19 doctoral candidates in several different countries. All positions involve two consecutive employments, with a minimum of 18 months of employment at one of the industrial partners. Additionally, the doctoral candidates must undertake short secondment within the network. Hence the successful candidates will be exposed to a range of different companies and academic partners. All research questions in the project reflect industry needs; academic novelty and innovation will be reflected in the methodologies and solutions; and the research results will be disseminated directly to the industry partners’ products, grid operation and services.

Positions Requirements

For all positions, we are seeking highly motivated candidates who are passionate about contributing to the development of the offshore wind power plants of tomorrow!

Applicants must have a master’s degree or similar degree with an academic level equivalent to a master’s degree. For specific position requirements and starting dates please see individual announcements.

Eligibility criteria

Fulfilment of eligibility criteria is dictated by the European Commission under the Horizon MSCA Innovative Doctoral Networks Programme. We welcome applications from PhD candidates from any country fulfilling the following mobility criteria:

  • Eligible candidates must not have resided or carried out their main activity (work, studies, etc.) in the country of their first host institution for more than 12 months in the 3 years immediately before their recruitment by the host institution (i.e., the starting date indicated in the employment contract/equivalent direct contract).

  • Eligible candidates must have a master’s degree relevant to the chosen position or its equivalent that would entitle them to a doctorate, awarded before the start of the positions.

We offer

  • Highly competitive and attractive salary and working conditions: successful candidates will be offered a full-time position for a duration of 36 months. The salary will be defined according to MSCA regulations for Horizon Doctoral Networks, and it comprises a living allowance, a mobility allowance, and a family allowance for candidates with family obligations. ADOreD is committed to offer equal gender opportunities, and we encourage female candidates to apply.

  • Engagement in an international network and participation in national and international scientific meetings.

  • Gaining experience from both academia and Industry.

  • Secondments abroad to other partners of the network.

  • Enlarged professional network and improved future scientific career with perspective in academia and the private sector.

  • Shared research and innovative multidisciplinary and multisectoral training by senior scientists, experts and experienced trainers from academia and industry.

  • A structured training program consisting of research-related courses, soft skill courses, targeted workshops, social events and networking.


Description of the PhD projects:

The 19 Doctoral Candidates will be hired in 7 different countries, with the 6 academic and 12 industrial partners. Please consult the individual announcements for detailed information about each PhD project.

  1. Autonomous operation of modern power systems including HVDC grids

    • (Hitachi Energy, Germany & UPC, Spain)

  2. Tools for the design and sizing of offshore transmission systems using HVDC systems and grids

    • (Youwind & UPC, Spain)

  3. Analysis of offshore AC and DC transmission systems and grids for multiple offshore wind power plants

    • (Youwind & UPC, Spain)

  4. Hydrogen storage on offshore wind power plants (Prof. António Martins,

    • (GEIRI, DE & UPorto, Portugal)

  5. Digitalization of the offshore power substation secondary equipment in an AC/DC context

    • (Prof. António Martins, (Efacec &Uporto, Portugal)

  6. Stability of an islanded power system with a grid-forming VSC-HVDC link, an LCC-HVDC link and non-synchronous generation

    • (Clille, France & Red Electrica, Spain)

  7. HVDC Cable Analytics: Using monitored data from contingency analysis to determine cable and accessory lifetime

    • (KU Leuven, Belgium & NKT Germany, DE)

  8. Risk-based operational models for hybrid offshore interconnectors for ancillary service provision

    • (KU Leuven & Yusu, Belgium)

  9. Wind turbine and wind power plant protection in a converter-based power system

    • (DTU & Siemens Gamesa, Denmark)

  10. PhD scholarship on Wind turbine control and modelling for a multi-hybrid power plant in a converter-based power system

    • (DTU & Siemens Gamesa, Denmark)

  11. Dynamic stability of multi-vendor large (offshore) wind power clusters

    • (DTU & Vattenfall, Denmark)

  12. Ancillary services from offshore wind power plants in HVDC grids

    • (DTU & Vattenfall, Denmark)

  13. Tools development for stability and interaction assessment of large modern power electronics dominated power systems

    • (UPC, Portugal & Red Electrica, Spain)

  14. Protection schemes for HVDC cable systems in multi-vendor HVDC grids

  15. Production of Green Hydrogen from Offshore Wind Power (Prof. António Martins,

    • (Efacec &Uporto, Portugal)

  16. Assessment and operation of DC technology based multi-purpose interconnectors (MPIs) (Prof Jun Liang,

    • (TNEI & Cardiff University, UK)

  17. Design and control of offshore wind farms with hybrid ac and dc technologies (Prof Jun Liang,

    • (TNEI & Cardiff University, UK)

  18. Modelling and control of large wind turbines for fault ride-through and grid support (Prof Jun Liang,

    • (ORE CATAPULT & Cardiff University, UK)

  19. Reliability-based design optimization of large offshore wind turbine (Prof Jun Liang,

    • (ORE CATAPULT & Cardiff University, UK)

Application and selection process

Each position is announced and must be applied for at the local ADOreD partner.

Please see the individual project proposals, for the exact procedure of application and application deadline.

All interested candidates irrespective of age, gender, race, disability, religion or ethnic background are encouraged to apply.


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