Conference on EU-INDIA Partnership for Cultural Heritage Conservation

    04/12/2018 - 09:00
    India, New Delhi
    05/12/2018 - 05:30
    The Delegation of the European Union to India

In the context of the long-standing EU-India relations, the EU and its member countries have been working with India for many years in joint efforts to preserve and restore the rich Indian cultural heritage in all its forms. As "natural partners" of India, the EU and its Member States have provided technical and financial support to a large number of flagship projects aiming at preserving cultural heritage, introducing to India the latest EU technologies in the field of conservation, restoration, museology and documentation. Partnerships have been executed at governmental levels, but as well between cities, universities and research centers as well as non-governmental organizations.

The purpose of the Conference is threefold:

  1. Showcase the examples of flagship projects bearing witness to the success stories of EU-India cooperation in the field of cultural heritage preservation. Among these are projects which aim at tapping the potential of cultural heritage to convert it into an engine for social and economic development, or projects that have brought about sustainable solutions for urban heritage sites.

  2. Present the latest cutting-edge technologies and techniques employed in exploring, identifying, mapping or surveying cultural heritage sites (satellites, radars, UAVs and other non-invasive and remote-sensing technologies), as well as the models and innovative solutions for digitisation and archiving of cultural material, thus creating unprecedented opportunities to access and engage with cultural content for leisure as well as education.

  3. Inform about and promote research grants and scholarship facilities available for Indian researchers, graduates and undergraduates in all fields relevant to cultural heritage preservation.

EURAXESS India will take part and hold a presentation on December 5, Session VI: "Mobility Programs for Undergraduates and Young Researchers as well as Fellowship Opportunities for Established Researchers in the Fields Relevant to Cultural Heritage Preservation and Culural Studies"

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    Auditorium of the National Museum Institute Janpath Connaught Place New Delhi