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7th Edition of European Higher Education Virtual Fair for the Indian schools



The European Higher Education Virtual Fair (EHEVF) India 2022 scheduled on 21, 23 & 25 November 2022 is your opportunity to meet over 100 European universities from 25 countries under one roof.

The virtual fair will be organised through a 3D platform. It will be structured as a three-day individual thematic fair, and each day will be divided into two sessions. Session one will be based on webinars and visit to the booths and the second session will consist of one-to-one sessions of the students with the institutions. More than 100 University webinars featuring 100+ EU Higher Education Institutions and National Agencies from 24 EU Member States will participate in the EHEVF 2022 focusing on subject areas such as Science, Engineering, Technology, Environment, Energy, Forestry, Data, Artificial Intelligence, Computing Systems, Robotics Management, Business, Finance, Law, Global Security, Peace & Development, Communication, Literature, Media & Culture etc.

This Virtual Fair will provide Indian students, parents, teachers and counselors a window into the opportunities available at European institutions for those aspiring to study overseas. Through a series of webinars, live chats, video calls you will be able to meet and engage with university faculty and representatives to be able to make informed choices.

The pursuit of higher education is an investment for life. Countries in the European Union, with their diverse and intriguing range of regions, cities, cultures and languages, provide a rare and wonderful opportunity for both professional and personal development for students along with internationally acclaimed academic qualifications. European Higher Education Virtual Fair 2020 offers students in India a unique opportunity to interact directly with universities in Europe to learn and explore opportunities for an excellent and affordable higher education. You can attend these webinars directly from the comfort of your home. In addition, this website offers details about the educational environment in each of the 27 European Union Member States along with the detailed information on over 50 Subject specialties offered at more than 210 universities in Europe.

Advantage EHEVF 2022:

  • Educationists from leading EU universities will talk about the mobility, application process, scholarships, internships and career prospects in the European Union

  • Senior Members of the European Commission will elaborate on Erasmus+ Programme on Scholarships

  • Participating institutions will be from all the 27 EU Member States

  • National Agencies like DAAD, Campus France will also be presenting.

Being part of the EU Public Diplomacy initiative, all this is for free, nothing will be charged from the school, parent and the students.



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New Delhi, India
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