3 post doctoral positions and 2 PhD positions in Quantum Information and Foundations Group, Spain

The Quantum Information and Foundations Group is offering five positions

  • 2 postdoctoral positions on superconducting quantum technologies
  • 2 PhD positions on superconducting quantum technologies
  • 1 postdoctoral position with an open profile


More information is available at the call web page: https://quinfog.hbar.es/news/postdoctoral-and-phd-positions-2020/



All contracts include health care and contributions to the Spanish pension system. Our research lab is located in the center of Madrid, in a very well connected neighborhood. Our research projects involve collaborations with leading groups in the theory and experimental areas of quantum technologies.

Selection process

We will screen applications until June. Preselected candidates will be helped to participate in the formal call, which must take through the official job portal of CSIC. Please read the call's web page for more details.


Offer Requirements


ENGLISH: Excellent


We seek candidates with a MSc or equivalent degree in Physics. For the postdoctoral positions, we welcome expertise in superconducting circuits, quantum optics, quantum computing and quantum simulation, or other research lines detailed in the call.