Virtual Reality Researchers' Night: The Future of Researchers' Mobility

    02/07/2020 - 18:30
    China, Beijing
    02/07/2020 - 21:00
    EURAXESS China


Thursday 2 July EURAXESS China will be organizing a type of a "beta test" for EURAXESS Researchers Night China in virtual reality.

We will discuss the future or researchers' mobility and have fun!

We can help you to join, even if you don't have VR-glasses. See the two ways to participate below.






Use your own device | 使用自己的设备

If you have no VR device and can't get one rented you can also use your Windows 10 PC computer or laptop to take part.

If you have your own VR device you are also welcome to use it to join. We support VR platforms like Occulus Rift, HTC Vive and more.

We also support standalone devices like Occulus Quest and HTC Focus.

如果您没有虚拟现实设备,并且也租借不到这种设备,那么您还可以利用运行Windows 10的个人电脑或笔记本电脑参与进来。

如果您有虚拟现实设备,那么也欢迎您通过它来参加本次活动。我们支持的虚拟现实平台包括Occulus Rift、HTC Vive等等。

我们也支持诸如Occulus Quest和HTC Focus之类的独立设备。

We will help you rent device | 使用租借的设备

If you are located in mainland China we can guide you to rent your own HTC Focus Plus for free.

We will reimburse your rental cost - but you will need to put down a deposit yourself for which you will get paid back afterward.

Limited number of rental devices available so please make sure to register now.

如果您是在中国大陆,那么我们可以引导您免费租用HTC Focus Plus。




EURAXESS China Team Trying the System | EURAXESS中国区团队在试用相关系统


18:00 Venue opens
18:30 Welcoming Words from EURAXESS China
18:35 Tour de Table
18:50 Presentation on the Future of Researchers' Mobility
19:10 Parallel Discussion Groups
19:30 Joint session to introduce each groups results
19:40 Formal event closes - Free time to network


Like normally the thinking behind our Researchers' Nights is to create an atmosphere of a relaxed get-together where researchers from all fields and career stage, both Chinese and European, can connect in an after-work environment.

The theme of the night will be "The Future of Researchers' Mobility" and there will be some discussions on what role Virtual Reality can hold in the future for EU-China research collaboration and networking.

After the outbreak of this year it has been difficult to help researchers to network and make new contacts in the Sino-European research community - but with VR on our side we hope we overcome this challenge and learn some lessons for the future.

The event is open for all Chinese and European researchers, from all research fields and research career stage, and it is free of charge. The seating is limited so register to participate today!




本次活动对所有中欧科研工作者开放,无论其科研领域或职业生涯阶段如何,并可免费参加。 由于座位数量有限,因此请在今天报名参加!