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Successful Forum of European Researchers in China 2022




EURAXESS China co-organized with the EU Delegation in China and the EU-China Partnership Facility the 3rd annual Forum of European Researchers in China on 11 November. The event took place in Shanghai and included both participants on-site and online that took part in different sessions related to funding, mobility and network building.

The event included a session where researchers shared with their peers their experience of applying to various different Chinese research funding schemes, followed by a hybrid session where thematic groups of researchers continued the discussion of funding and networking.

The event also included a practical workshop on the topic of outgoing mobility, where external experts shared with the researchers practical recommendations on things like how to deal with things like social security and pension when terminating a working contract in China and how to move money earned in China to their banks in Europe.

See below the slides from some of the presentations, some photos and pictures.


Funding Session - Presentation Slides

Presentation on How to Apply for the General Program of the NSFC

Dr Pedro Laborda

Professor of Life Sciences,

Nantong University


Funding Programs of the NSFC (Mianshang and RFIS)

Dr Goran Angelovski

International Centeer for Primate Brain Reseach


The Research Fund for International Excellent Young Scientists (RFIS-II)

Dr Vangelis Tatsis


Presentation on alternative innovation funding

Xiao Lu

Shanghai Bio-lu Biomaterials Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Technology Innovation Center of Orthopedic Biomaterials


Mobility Session

What you need to know when departing from your employment in China

Martin Zhou

Linklaters Zhao Sheng


What you need to know when departing from your employment in China (Part 2)

Wandy Chan

TMF Group


Photo Gallery 


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