Researchers' Night in Guangzhou

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    13/11/2021 - 18:30
    China, Guangzhou
    13/11/2021 - 21:30
    EURAXESS China

EURAXESS China is organising the 3rd Researchers’ Night in Guangdong that will take place on Saturday 23 October in Guangzhou.

All Chinese and European researchers in the area are invited to join us for a laid-back evening among scientists!

As usual, EURAXESS China’s Researchers’ Night brings together researchers in a relaxed atmosphere where we will have some interesting talks over food and drinks. The event will be a great opportunity to get to know other researchers.



Meet new contacts from different areas of science and expand your network.

The event will be held at the Happy Monk in Guangzhou Tianhe District, in the evening of Saturday 13 November from 18:30 to 21:30.


The main purpose of the event is to make an opportunity for European and Chinese researchers in Guangdong and South China to get to know each other and make new contacts.

Sustainability will be the theme of the event, and in addition to the networking we will have an introduction how the strive for sustainability plays into the different missions of Horizon Europe and Sino-European research collaboration.


All researchers in the area are welcome to join the EURAXESS China network and join us for free. Click the yellow button above to register.

Are you interested in more activities the same day?

Earlier in the afternoon RICE Association of Spanish Researcher in China will be organizing their South China Conference. Learn about China's wandering elephants, 2D materials, virology and molecular biology, and the connection between diplomacy and sports. See more details here.






Happy Monk (兴盛店)

Shop 109, No.7 Xingsheng Road, Tianhe District Guangzhou | 广东省广州市天河区兴盛路7号109号铺

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