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Findings of the Workshop on Joint Research Structures Workshop

See attached the final report for the workshop on Europe-China Joint Research Structures.

The report is based on the proceedings of the joint session of the workshop as well as the findings of the parallel working groups. The working groups identified a short list of certain challenges in each of the workshop's four topics of focus. Each challenge was followed by a actionable recommendation that can also be found in the report.

Executive Summary

The number of Joint Research Structures (JRS) between Europe and China has proliferated in recent years. Following previous efforts this workshop brought together researchers from various JRS that worked in parallel working groups to generate recommendations on several topics.


A group on Access to Funding recommended to revise limiting regulations, defining better the legal status of JRS, establishing joint thematic funding schemes, and strengthening information and popularisation mechanisms.


A group on IPR recommended more support for training, creating an IPR handbook and to establish norms that help with starting and maintaining IPR agreements.


A group on the Legal Status of JRS recommended publishing better guidelines for NGO registration, make Chinese hosting more desirable, clarify other legal status options for JRS and to establish a special legal entity for JRS.


Group on Researchers’ Mobility recommended establishing a flexible mutual legal framework for the exchange of researchers, special research visa, more funding for mobility and personalized support for mobile researchers.


jrs_workshop_report-_report_final.pdf (826.97 KB)