Europe-China Joint Research Structures Workshop

    25/09/2017 - 09:00
    China, Beijing
    25/09/2017 - 21:00
    EURAXESS & EU Delegation

The workshop aims to follow up on the development of EU Member States – China joint research structures operating in China. The workshop follows similar events held in 2011 and 2013. The number of such entities has multiplied in the last few years with 144 identified in a recent study. The workshop will bring together both European and Chinese representatives from these organisations to share experiences, explore best cases, main challenges and future development.

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The event will be opened with a brief update from the Director of Chinese Bureau of International Cooperatoin
of the National Science Foundation of China with a particular focus on NSFC International Cooperative Programme.


Feng Feng


Chinese Bureau of International Cooperation

National Science Foundation of China (NSFC)

Dr. Feng is currently the director of the Chinese Bureau of International Cooperation, NSFC. He is responsible for developing international cooperation channels with foreign partners, making policy for international research cooperation in NSFC, and setting the budget for the different research areas for international cooperation. He received his B.Sc. in plant genetics and breeding, and M.Sc. and Ph.D. in plant pathology from the Agricultural University of China.



The second part of the morning session will be dedicated to a panel of representatives from variety of Joint Research Structures in China. The discussion will be centered around the questions of best cases and main challenges.


Institut Pasteur Shanghai – Chinese Academy of Sciences

Dimitri Lavillette

Dimitri Lavillette is a researcher at the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS) and an International technic expert (ETI) for the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development. He is at the head of the "Arbovirus Interspecies Transmission and Therapeutics Research Unit" he has created at the Institut Pasteur of Shanghai-Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2015.


Joint Research Institute for Science and Society (JoRISS) - LIA CNRS

Jean-Michel Roy

Jean-Michel Roy is general coordinator of JoRIS for ENS de Lyon. He joined the Philosophy Department of Lyon ENS in 2000 and his fields of specialization are Twentieth Century philosophy of knowledge and philosophy of Cognitive Science, two areas that he teaches and actively researches at the Lyon ENS. His most recent book was published in September 2010 under the title Rhin et Danube: Essais sur le schisme analytico-phénoménologique (Vrin, Paris).


Sino-Spanish Campus at Tongji University

Claudio Feijoo

He holds an MSc and PhD in Telecommunication Engineering and an MSc in Quantitative Economics. He is professor at the Technical University of Madrid (UPM) where he researches on the future socio-economic impact of emerging information society technologies, in particular, from an ultra-broadband, mobile and content perspective.

Currently he serves as Co- Director of the Sino-Spanish Campus at Tongji University in Shanghai. He is also the co-founder and coordinator of the ICT area in the international master programme on city sciences and main responsible of the scientific committee of the International Conference in City Sciences. He is guest lecturer at IE Business School on digital business and disruptive ICT, and member of the board of the International Telecommunications Society.


LIAMA - Sino-European Laboratory for Automation

Chenglin Liu

Chenglin Liu is the Chairman of LIAMA Steering Committee, CAS-Institute of Automation. He received the B.S. degree in electronic engineering from Wuhan University, Wuhan, China, the M.E. degree in electronic engineering from Beijing Polytechnic University (currently Beijing University of Technology), Beijing, China, the Ph.D. degree in pattern recognition and intelligent control from the Institute of Automation of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China, in 1989, 1992 and 1995, respectively. He was a postdoctoral fellow at Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) and later at Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology from March 1996 to March 1999. From 1999 to 2004, he was a research staff member and later a senior researcher at the Central Research Laboratory, Hitachi, Ltd., Tokyo, Japan. From 2005, he has been a Professor at the National Laboratory of Pattern Recognition (NLPR), Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China, and is now the director of the laboratory.


Joint Lab CAAS-Polish Institute in Lanzhou

Yin Hong

Yin Hong is the DG of Joint Lab CAAS-Polish Institute in Lanzhou. Dr. Hong Yin, a protozoologist, graduated from Gansu Animal Sciences School in 1983 majoring Veterinary Medicine, Gansu , China, received his MS degree in Agriculture (1996) from Postgraduate school of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Beijing, China and his PhD in Veterinary Science (2002) from the Nanjing Agricultural University, Nanjing, China.


 IHEP-INFN Joint Laboratory (I2JL)

Marco Maggiora

Director of the IHEP-INFN Joint Laboratory. Scientific Associate, National Institute of Nuclear Physics (INFN), Turin, and Associate Professor, Department of Physics, University of Turin. Maggiora holds a PhD in Particle Physics from University of Turin and has been involved as PI with many international cooperation projects in the field of high energy physics. He is actually Coordinator of the H2020-MSCA-RISE project BESIIICGEM, funded by the European Commission for the development, construction and deployment at IHEP of an innovative particle detector.



The workshop will be structured around 4 parallel working groups focused on 4 Topics:

1. Researchers' Mobility

2.Access to Funding

3.Legal Status of Joint Research Organisation

4. Intellectual Property Rights

The groups will be lead by 4 moderators that will introduce the state of play of each topics before the working groups start their work.

Researchers' Mobility

Etienne Micallef

Etienne Miscallef is a Project Manager at the International Organization for Migration (IOM) where he had amongst other things worked on the EU-China Dialogue on Migration and Mobility Support Project which includes a focus on the mobility of researchers. Before working at IOM Etienne worked as the first secretary of the Embassy of Malta in Beijing.


Access to Funding

Philippa Jones

Philippa Jones is managing director of Beijing-based research and advisory company, China Policy. A regulatory and trade policy specialist, Philippa’s areas of expertise focus on agriculture, food safety and food security. She has served as an expert witness in several agricultural trade cases. Ms Jones worked as a senior advisor on trade policy issues with China for the European Commission between 2004 and 2009. From 1999-2004 she served as trade policy specialist at the Australian Embassy, Beijing.


Legal Status of Joint Research Organisations

Hong He

Hong He has been the Chief Representative at Helmholtz Beijing Representative Office since 2003. Before that Dr He was the director for the Department of International Cooperation at Beijing Municipality Science and Technology Committee. 


Intellectual Property Rights

Davide Folladore

Davide Follador is one of IP Key's Long Term Experts  based in Beijing. He is responsible for the legal component focusing on trademarks, copyright, geographical indications and IP enforcement in general. He served as First Lieutenant of Carabinieri (Italian Police Corps with Military status) and subsequently obtained Master of Laws in International Commercial Law. He is a qualified European Trademark and Design Attorney (OHIM) and admitted to the Milan BAR. Davide has been practicing as an  IP lawyer since 2001 and specialised in cross border EU-China Intellectual Property matters, working for major international law firms in Europe and China, where he previously also acted as an expert for the EU-CHINA and ASEAN IPR SME Helpdesks.



In the final roundtable the results of the day will be discussed. After a rapporteur from each of the parallel working group has given a brief summary of the issues discussed a series of 4 commentators will share their remarks.


Commentator 1

Welf Zöller

Welf Zöller is the Deputy Head of Department International Business Development of Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft. He has worked for Fraunhofer for 16 years; before taking current position he worked for few years at the Fraunhofer Representative Office in Beijing.


Commentator 2

Cao Jinghua

Born in 1959 in Beijing, Cao Jinghua is currently the Deputy Director General of the Bureau of International Cooperation (BIC), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). He graduated from the Department of English, Beijing Foreign Languages Institute in 1982 with a bachelor’s degree and from the School of Social Sciences, City College of New York, USA in 1987 with a master’s degree.

His previous titles include Program Officer of the Office of American & Oceania Affairs, Bureau of Foreign Affairs, CAS; Program Officer of the Office of American & Oceania Affairs, BIC, CAS; Deputy Director, of the Office of External Financing, CAS; Second and First Secretary of the S&T Section, PRC Embassy in USA; Director of the Office of American & Oceania Affairs, BIC, CAS and then Assistant Director General of BIC; Deputy Director of the Bureau of International Cooperation, CAS.

Having engaged in international affairs and international scientific cooperation for 30 years, Mr. Cao has a rich experience in all kinds of and all forms of translations and interpretations. Besides, he has published many articles and papers on science policy and international cooperation including a few in SCI journals.


Commentator 3

Antoine Mynard

Antoine Mynard is the head of the China office of the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS). The China office assist CNRS scientists in China and promote the CNRS there. Before coming to China Mr Mynard worked for the French Embassy in the US as an Innovation Attaché and in the French Embassy in Singapore as a Science and Higher Education Attaché.


Commentator 4


Fan Yingjie

Deputy Division Director of the Bureau of International Cooperation., NSFC





Morning Session


Registration - Coffee


Opening Words

Plinio Innocenzi,

Science and Technology Counsellor at Embassy of Italy in Beijing


Welcoming address and introduction to the objectives of the workshop

Laurent Bochereau,

Head of Science, Technology and Environment Section at Delegation of the European Union to China


Opening Speech and Introduction to NSFC International Cooperative Programme

Feng Feng,

Director General Bureau of International Cooperation, NSFC


Panel of Representatives of Joint Research Structures share their experience

Moderator: Halldor Berg Hardarson, Country Representative EURAXESS China

Dimitri Lavillette, Institut Pasteur Shanghai – Chinese Academy of Sciences

Jean-Michel Roy, general coordinator of JoRIS for ENS de Lyon

Claudio Feijoo, Head of Sino-Spanish Campus at Tongji University

Chenglin Liu, Chairman of LIAMA Steering Committee, CAS-Institute of Automation

Yin Hong, DG of Joint Lab CAAS-Polish Institute in Lanzhou

Marco Maggiora, IHEP-INFN Joint Laboratory (I2JL)

11:30- 12:00



Introduction to 4 areas of focus from expert speakers



Researchers’ Mobility

Etienne Micallef

Project Manager, International Organization for Migration



Access to Funding

Philippa Jones

Managing Director of China Policy Beijing



Legal Status of Joint Research Organisations

Hong He

Head of Beijing Office of Helmholtz Association



Intellectual Property Rights

Benoit Misonne

Technical Expert of IPKey China




Afternoon Session



Parallel Working Groups

Structured around the 4 topics of focus.




Researchers’ Mobility

Visa issues, working permits, recruitment and other HR related topics.



Moderator: Etienne Miscallef,

Project Manager IOM



Rapporteur: Plinio Innocenzi,

S&T Counsellor - Embassy of Italy in Beijing


Access to Funding

Challenges applying from Chinese, European and Joint funding sources.



Moderator: Philippa Jones

Managing Director of China Policy Beijing



Rapporteur: Pierre Lemonde,

S&T Counsellor - Embassy of France in Beijing


Legal Status of Joint Research Structures

Analysing and comparing the alternative legal status available, including NGO



Moderator: Hong He,

Head of Beijing Office of Helmholtz Association



Rapporteur: Jens Hofmann,

S&T Counsellor - Embassy of Germany in Beijing


Intellectual Property Rights

The different IPR related challenges facing Joint Research Structures in China and comparison of best practices.



Moderator: Benoit Misonne,

Technical Expert of IPKey China



Rapporteur: Carlos Quintana,

Spanish CDTI delegate in China


Coffee Break


Results presented by each group’s rapporteur.

4 commentators discuss the results of day.

Moderator: Rositsa Petrova, Attaché at the S&T Section

elegation of the European Union in Beijing.

Welf Zöller, Deputy Head of Department International Business Development of Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft.

Cao Jinghua, Deputy Director General, Bureau of International Cooperation, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS)

Antoine Mynard, Director of CNRS Office in Beijing

Fan Yingjie, Deputy Division Director of the Bureau of International Cooperation., NSFC

17:00 - 18:00

Closing Words and a Drink


When registering please remember to choose one of the four topics below


1. Researchers‘ Mobility


2. Access to Funding


3. Legal Status of Joint Research Structures


4. Intellectual Property Rights



    Embassy of the Republic of Italy in P.R.C. See link to venue location here: http://j.map.baidu.com/v46L9