EURAXESS China 2017 third quarterly newsletter out!

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See attached the most recent edition of our quarterly newsletter, the third issue of 2017.

These coming final months of the years are going to be busy when it comes to Sino-European activities related to Science, Technology and Innovation in China.

October is the Science, Technology and Innovation month at the EU Delegation to China with daily podcasts and articles about the topics. See more here.

October and November will include two big STI related events in Beijing, the EURAXESS organised European Research Day and an event dedicated to EU-China STI Cooperation 2018-2020 at the Italian Embassy in Beijing. In addition, there are also four thematic conferences and workshops as well as the Tour of China that will introduce Horizon 2020 and the European Research Area to researchers in 10 cities across China. See the overview.

As usual, we offer you a detailed profile of the research system in a selected EURAXESS Member State. This time it’s Luxembourg that is in focus.

In Case You Missed something from the last few months, we collected a small overview of the news from EURAXESS China, such as the Platform on Joint Research Structures. We also put together an outlook on some of the upcoming deadlines for noteworthy funding schemes relevant to our readers as well as the main research headlines of the last three months.


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