EU-China STI News Highlights

中德建立11个创新平台以增强合作China, Germany set 11 innovation platforms to strengthen cooperation - Minister of Science and Technology Wan Gang announced recently. The platforms cover fields such as electric vehicles, bioscience, clean water, intelligent manufacturing and clean energy, Wan said at the 5th Sino-German Innovation Conference. Wan noted that over the past four decades, China and Germany had initiated effective cooperation models and promoted the transformation of scientific and technological achievements.


中国将于2019年发射长征-5B火箭China to launch Long March-5B rocket in 2019 - According to a spokesperson for the China Manned Space Engineering Office (CMSEO). The rocket will help carry the core module and experiment modules to China's space station.The Long March-5B carrier rocket will undergo testing in March in preparation for the first launch mission.


人工智能全科医生助手“智医助理”开始“上岗”China's AI-general practitioner system starts hospital trial - An AI-general practitioner system developed by a Chinese tech firm has started its "internship" in a community hospital in East China's Anhui province. The system called "AI doctor assistant" can listen to doctors diagnosing inquiries with patients and automatically produce e-documents for patient case reports.


欧盟委员会启动1000万欧元欧盟创新委员会地平线奖金用于激励电动汽车的电池创新研究Commission launches €10 million EIC Horizon Prize for innovative batteries for electric vehicles - The European Commission has launched the fifth of six European Innovation Council (EIC) Horizon Prizes, on Innovative batteries for eVehicles, worth €10 million. The EIC Horizon Prizes are part of the first phase of the European Innovation Council under Horizon 2020, the EU's Research and Innovation Framework Programme. The prize will be awarded for the development of a prototype battery that can power an electric vehicle with similar performance in terms of range and charging time as a conventional petrol/diesel powered small family vehicle. The battery should also be of relatively low cost, durable, safe and fully recyclable. The Prize aims to tackle the challenge of the slow uptake of zero emission electric vehicles so far, mainly due to the limitations of existing batteries, which are expensive and have limited ranges and long recharging times.


研究显示,糖尿病有5个类别,而不只是1型和2型 Five categories for adult diabetes, not just type 1 and type 2, study shows - Findings shed light on variations in response to treatment between diabetics –and could help identify those at high risk of complications. “For the patient, I think it will mean a more individualised therapy [and] a better quality of life,” said Leif Groop, professor of diabetes and endocrinology at Lund University, who led the study.