EU-China STI News Highlights


法国总统马克龙将于1月8日至10日访华 French president Macron to visit China from Jan 8-10 - French President Emmanuel Macron will pay a state visit to China from Jan 8 to 10 at the invitation of President Xi Jinping, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Lu Kang announced Tuesday.


中芬创新合作潜力巨大 China-Finland innovation cooperation boasts huge potential - Huge potential lies in the innovation cooperation between Finland and China especially in the coming years, said Petri Vuorio, director for international trade of the Confederation of Finnish Industries.


北京建设人工智能科技园区 Beijing to build technology park for developing artificial intelligence - The park will be situated in suburban Mentougou district in western Beijing, covering 54.87 hectares. With an estimated investment of 13.8 billion yuan (about $2.1 billion), the park is expected to attract about 400 enterprises, with an estimated annual output value of about 50 billion yuan (about $7.7 billion).


研究发现培育高锰、低镉大米的方法 Researchers find approach to cultivate high-manganese, low-cadmium rice - Researchers created a strain combined with a high-manganese strain and a low-manganese strain, and detected a major QTL via a high-density genetic map. They found that the QTL contained a gene that regulated and controlled the absorption of manganese and had a significant drop in cadmium, improving the root system capability of absorbing manganese. The research was subsidized by the National Natural Science Foundation of China.


中国快舟-11火箭将于今年上半年首飞 China's Kuaizhou-11 rocket scheduled to launch in first half of 2018 - The preparation work for the launch has been completed, and the rocket will send six satellites into space in its first mission, said Zhang Di, an official with CASIC. The launch cost of the Kuaizhou rockets has been reduced to $5,000 per kg of payload, which is considerably lower than its international competitors. With a lift-off mass of 78 tonnes, the rocket was designed to launch low-Earth and Sun-synchronous orbit satellites.