ERC opportunities to fund your research in the EU

Below you can find a selection of funding opportunities for researchers in the EU Member States and Associated Countries that are promoted by the European Research Council:

GERMANY: PhD Researcher at the Humboldt University of Berlin

A PhD position is offered within the ERC research project “LeibnizDream” (see more details about the project here: leibnizdream.eu). The successful candidate is expected to carry out large-scale, crosslinguistic child language research; carry out comparative experiments in language acquisition across up to 50 different languages in collaboration with partners across the globe; six different areas of morpho-syntax/semantics: the expression of causation and agendy and of motion events, the binary connectives, negative concepts such as exclusion, antonyms, and negation, quantificational concepts including genericity and distributivity, and dependencies most frequently analysed as variable binding (wh-questions, relative clauses, degree clauses); prepare and carry out experiments, oversee the process of data collection, and then analyse and publish acquisition studies in these domains. An academic degree in Linguistics and expertise in German Sign Language are required. 

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SPAIN: Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Catalan Institute for Water Research

ICRA is seeking to fill a postdoctoral research fellow position in the scope of the ERC Starting Grant ELECTRON4WATERThree-dimensional nanoelectrochemical systems based on low-cost reduced graphene oxide: the next generation of water treatment systems (see also the following link: www.electron4water.com). The successful applicant is expected to conduct independent research on the project and work closely with the PhD students working on the project. The scholar will also be exposed to a multidisciplinary research environment at ICRA, and potentially involve in other ongoing projects.

Applications from researchers with experience in environmental electrochemistry and electrochemical water treatment are encouraged, as well as applicants from related research fields of material science, e.g., researchers with experience in electrode material synthesis and characterization (e.g., graphene-based materials, intercalation electrodes, 2D materials such as MXenes and others, TiO2 nanotube-based coatings). The most exciting science and greatest innovations are created at the interface of different research fields!

More information on this opportunity and how to apply here.


ESTONIA: Research Fellow of Computational and Medical Genomics at the University of Tartu

The Centre for Genomics, Evolution and Medicine (cGEM) (https://cgem.ut.ee) at the Institute of Genomics combines world-leading expertise in personalized medicine, population genetics and functional genomics. The research group is looking for a motivated Postdoctoral Research Fellow with a PhD in computational genetics, bioinformatics or related fields. The postdoc’s work will focus on understanding genetic adaptations to environmental and cultural changes in human populations of West Eurasia during the last 20,000 years, a time period that covers major shifts in climate, diet and pathogen exposures in this region. The main aim of the project is to investigate how recent genetic evolution has shaped variation in the immune system and inflammation signalling and the way these systems interact with environmental factors such as biomolecules from food, pathogens and modern artificial substances.

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AUSTRIA: Postdoctoral position in Sensory Neuroscience at the Research Institute of Molecular Pathology GmbH in Vienna

The Research Institute of Molecular Pathology (IMP) is a basic biomedical research institute sponsored largely by Boehringer Ingelheim, as well as research grants from national and international funding agencies. A position is available in the Keays Lab for a postdoctoral scientist in the field of sensory neuroscience. The successful candidate will have a PhD in Neuroscience with existing expertise in calcium imaging and data analysis. Experience in molecular biology, histology, and familiarity with avian model systems is advantageous. It is envisaged that the successful applicant will mentor undergraduate and master students and be in the position to apply for independent fellowships.

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FRANCE: PhD in Optimization at Inria Saclay

In the context of the ERC STG MAJORIS European project, the aim of this PhD research, is to propose a new generation of non-convex stochastic optimization algorithms that can reach global minimizer while preserving reasonable complexity. The recruited student will investigate new stochastic optimization schemes for global optimization. The main challenges are: convergence analysis, convergence rate study, practical implementation on non-convex problems arising in biomedical image processing and machine learning.

The website of the research group can be accessed here: https://opis-inria.eu/

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CROATIA: PhD position in Division of Molecular Biology, Laboratory of Cell Biophysics at the Ruder Boskovic Institute

A PhD position is offered in Division of Molecular Biology, Laboratory of Cell Biophysics. Applicants must meet the following conditions: Master’s degree in molecular biology or related studies. Experience in working with human cell culture, confocal microscopy and programs for statistical data processing and image processing (R, MATLAB, Fiji, Adobe Illustrator). Successful candidate is expected to enrol in a PhD programme. The application must be accompanied by a CV, a letter of motivation in English, a certificate of completion of the degree / academic degree, and other documents proving the fulfilment of the terms of the competition.

To learn more about the Institute and how to apply see here.


ITALY: Fellowship for Research Activities in the area of Chemical Sciences at the University of Milan

The Fellowship implies carrying out the activities briefly mentioned below at Dipartimento di Chimica dell’Università degli Studi di Milano and under the supervision of Prof. Michele Ceotto within the research programme “Semiclassical dynamics for complex systems”:

1) ab initio calculations;

2) quantum dynamics calculations;

3) algorithms for semiclassical dynamics;

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ISRAEL: A Research Associate Position at the Rabani Lab in Jerusalem

The Rabani Lab investigates the molecular and cellular biology of RNA molecules, and how post-transcriptional gene regulation at the RNA level underlies embryonic development. They are recruiting a research associate (PhD or Postdoc level) to join their team, as part of an ERC funded project, aiming to decode mechanisms and functions of RNA degradation in development and cellular programming, with significant implications to understanding maternal regulation of early embryogenesis. The tasks of the successful candidate will be:
  • Lead an independent research project: initiate, design, execute and evaluate experiments, by developing and implementing innovative research technologies.
  • Teach and supervise junior lab members.
  • Draft and prepare scientific journal publications and research grant proposals.
  • Prepare conference presentations, and present research outputs at national and international conferences, workshops and events.

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