Coronavirus Global R&I Collaboration Portal


This new portal will not only help us to support the coordination, cooperation and collaboration of research and innovation initiatives, but it will also make it easier for you to:

  • Collaborate on research projects related to the socioeconomic aspects of the pandemic.
  • Create networking and matchmaking opportunities.
  • Connect with other researchers and increase the impact of their activities.
  • Coordinate the sharing of information.
  • Complement synergies with other online platforms on the Coronavirus pandemic.

We’ve designed the portal to make it easy for you to find your next partnership and explore collaborative opportunities for your research. We’ve made it easier than ever for you to map relevant projects and exchange information. You are also invited to use the portal to bring visibility and publicity to your own research.


Join this collaborative initiative to tackle the global challenge presented by the Coronavirus. We can all achieve more together!


Visit our homepage to learn about all the ways in which we can work together. Get to know all the features and possibilities that this portal offers.


To make sure your research has been shared in time for the official launch of the portal, to be announced by Commissioner Mariya Gabriel during the EU R&I Days on 23 June, visit:


https://rtd-corona-omp.prd.fpfis.tech.ec.europa.eu/, with following credentials:

· username: shared

· password: ec2018

How to join

1. Register an account as an individual or on behalf of an organisation (or both). You will need to have a (free) EULogin account to register.

2. Publish your member profile.

3. Publish the projects or research activities you are involved in.

4. Publish your collaboration interests