Alvaro Castells wins Science Slam China 2021!

The 6th edition of EURAXESS Science Slam China has a winner: Dr Alvaro Castells, a Spanish researcher at Dr Pia Cosma's laboratory at the Guangzhou Regenerative Medicine and Health-Guangdong Laboratory. Dr Castells' slam utilized interesting camera moves and props to tell the story of how the scientific instruments in his laboratory uses reveals the structure of the DNA. The EURAXESS China teams sends the best congratulations to Alvaro for the well deserved victory!

The 2021 edition of EURAXESS Science Slam China took place in the afternoon of 14 December. A science slam is a scientific talk where researchers compete to present their work in front of a non-expert audience. The slam is a way to show the engaging and fascinating side of research to the wider public, see more at http://scienceslamchina.com. EURAXESS China has been organizing Science Slams in China since 2013 and this year's slam was the 6th one to be held.

Due to restrictions to mobility related to COVID-19 it was not possible to invite the finalists to join a physical final event in Beijing like before. Instead,the event this year was a technical achievement, taking place in 3 different spaces simultaneously: A jury in Beijing and an online jury watched the finalists perform through Zoom remote meeting software, but in addition to that these two groups got a chance to meet in Virtual Reality.

Six excellent researchers, 3 Chinese researchers and 3 European researchers based in China, were selected to join the finals after a rigours pre-selection phase. Watch out in the coming days and weeks for better introduction of the participants, more pictures and videos from the event.

The 2021 winner of Science Slam China, Alvaro Castells, joins a growing group of amazing science communicators that have won the Science Slam since 2013.