The 4th Quarterly Newsletter of EURAXESS china in 2018

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Welcome to the 4th and last quarterly newsletter of EURAXESS China in 2018!

We start this edition with the news of the 2018 EURAXESS Science Slam China winner Dr Cheng Tung Chong of Shanghai Jiao Tong University! He won the live finals held in Innovation Street in Zhongguancun in Beijing on 13 December . See the details about the competition and pictures from the event in this quarter’s Hot Topic.

The Country in Focus this time is Lithuania. We take a look at the research system of the Baltic country, funding opportunities and its relations with China in the field of Science and Technology.

As usual we finish up with a short overview of the main EURAXESS news of the last quarter, In Case You Missed. This time we take a look at the EURAXESS Grants in Practice event that took place in Shanghai in November, the establishment of group of German scientists in China, and EURAXESS first ever events in Shenzhen and Guangzhou in November.