Study in Europe Digital Show taking place in Brazil - 26-29 April 2021 (with EURAXESS presentation for PhD in Europe!)

    26/04/2021 - 18:00
    Brazil, Online
    29/04/2021 - 20:30
    Campus France Brasil, DAAD Brasil, Nuffic Neso Brazil, Escritório de Educação na Espanha da Embaixada da Espanha no Brasil

The agencies that promote higher education in Germany, Spain, France and the Netherlands join forces to offer the Brazilian public an overview of the best opportunities in their countries and other European neighboring countries. From 26 to 29 of April, the Study in Europe Digital Show will promote a series of online presentations on the YouTube channels of the four organizing partners of the event: DAAD, Estudiar en España, Campus France and Nuffic Neso.

On the first day (26/04), the event will focus on scholarship opportunities offered by the organizing countries, with the special participation of the Delegation of the European Union Delegation in Brazil, who will make a presentation on the Erasmus Mundus program. http://bit.ly/bolsas-de-estudos-europa

On Tuesday (27/04), information will be provided on how to prepare for an application to bachelor's and master's programs. http://bit.ly/graduacao-mestrado-europa

The third day of the event (28/04) is entirely focused on research, with EURAXESS also presenting on this day. http://bit.ly/pesquisa-europa

The video is going to be available for a limited time. EURAXESS presentation starts at 2:07:40, but all the presentations are worth watching!

To conclude the Study in Europe Digital Show (29/04), two thematic tables will be held, with the participation of former scholars from Germany, France, Spain and the Netherlands. They will address the experience of studying in the fields of arts and sustainable development, in addition to telling about the impacts of living in Europe on their careers.  http://bit.ly/debate-study-in-europe

Full agenda here. If you want to activate a reminder and receive notification when the event is coming, sign up on this form.