Short-Term Grants for Brazilian PhD students with CAPES or FAPs scholarships for research stays in Germany 2021 (DAAD)

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The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) maintains a research grant program in Germany for doctoral scholarship holders in Brazil. This is a complementary support to the national scholarship granted by the CAPES.

The goal of the program is to enable Brazilian PhD students to stay in universities, research institutes, laboratories or libraries in Germany to do specific research, relevant to the development of their doctoral thesis, for two to six months without interruption of the scholarship of CAPES or of FAPs (only the ones below).

Who can apply?

Doctoral candidates at universities in Brazil, who have been awarded a domestic scholarship from CAPES or one of the following foundations:

  • FACEPE - Pernambuco
  • FAPEAL - Alagos
  • FAPEAM - Amazonas
  • FAPEAP - Amapá
  • FAPEG - Goiás
  • FAPEMA - Maranhão
  • FAPEMIG - Minas Gerais
  • FAPERGS - Rio Grande do Sul
  • FAPERJ - Rio de Janeiro
  • FAPERN - Rio Grande do Norte
  • FAPES - Espírito Santo
  • FAPESB - Bahia
  • FAPESC - Santa Catarina
  • FUNDECT - Mato Grosso do Sul
  • FAPERO - Rondônia
  • FAPT - Tocantis
  • Fundacao Araucária - Paraná

What can be funded?

A research project or course of continuing education at a state or state-recognised institution of higher education or a non-university research institute in Germany, which is being carried out in coordination with an academic adviser in Germany.

Duration of the funding

  • 2 months to a maximum of six months; the length of the grant is decided by a selection committee and depends on the project in question and the applicant's work schedule.
  • The grant is non-renewable.


Co-funded by CAPES or one of the foundations listed above:

  • According to the agreements between DAAD and the Brazilian partner institutions the domestic doctoral scholarships will be paid during the research stay in Germany without changing the duration and value of the funding.

Co-funded by DAAD:

  • Monthly payment of euros 650.
  • Payments towards health, accident and personal liability insurance cover
  • Travel allowance, unless the expenses ar covered by the home country or another source of funding

Deadline for this call: 15 November 2020.

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