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REMINDER: Funding opportunities for Individual Researchers in LAC (Latin America & the Caribbean)

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We have written on MSCA and ERC before, but with the fairly new expansion of EURAXESS beyond Brazilian borders and throughout all of Latin America & the Caribbean, we wanted to make sure all researchers of the region were aware of their eligibility.

Did you know that apart from institutions, researchers in the entire LAC region could apply to the individual schemes described below, even if their base country is not among the list of Horizon 2020 eligible countries? Did you know you could find these vacancies on the EURAXESS portal? Here is a special reminder to ALL individual LAC researchers in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Mexico and any other LAC countries:



  • Individual LAC researchers can also apply to the individual PhD positions created by MSCA - ITN or MSCA - COFUND networks (advertised on the EURAXESS website).


  • NEW! From July 2018, ERC Synergy Grant Groups can include up to one Principal Investigator based in a third country, including Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Mexico and any other LAC countries. The ERC Synergy Grant is currently open until 8 November 2018.

Check out the full details of this short guide for Latin American and Caribbean researcchers here


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