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PhD Scholarships in Management, Finance and Accounting at University Carlo Cattaneo, in Italy

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University Carlo Cattaneo is inviting Italian and non-Italian students to apply for three year PhD Scholarships. These scholarships are available in Management, Finance and Accounting for 2020-2021 academic year.

The PhD program in Management, Finance and Accounting is primarily designed to train students for research-oriented careers in academia, but also for their employment in multinational companies, public and private organizations, financial institutions. Courses are offered in English.

They can interpret business phenomena in an integrated way by using the general methodological principles for quantitative and qualitative research in the social sciences, with the perspectives provided by the subject areas of Corporate Finance, Accounting and Management Engineering.

The Program refers to the macro-sectors:

  • Manufacturing Engineering, Plant Engineering and Management
  • Business Administration

The aim of the scholarship is to prepare students primarily research-oriented careers in academia, but also for multinational companies, public and private organizations, financial institutions, so that they can interpret business phenomena in an integrated way.

The receiving of the title “Doctor of Research in Management, Finance and Accounting” certifies the clearly established ability to:

a) study business phenomena and market dynamics with cutting-edge and versatile methodological tools in order to better understand their complexity;

b) make use of robust analytical tools, either alternatively or jointly with the economic-financial, managerial, and engineering management areas in order to obtain research results that are academically rigorous and professionally relevant;

c) identify innovative research topics and develop original results that are of interest to the scientific and professional communities.


The application form may be submitted, without limitation of citizenship, by whoever holds a Laurea Magistrale or equivalent foreign academic degree (Master of Arts, Master of Sciences), or persons who expect to achieve such a qualification by 31 October 2020 in the following subjects:

  • Sciences Economics - Business
  • Finance
  • Science of Economics
  • Engineering Management
  • Science of Public Communication, Companies and Advertising
  • Science of Public Administrations
  • Science of Economics for the Environment and Culture

Applications from applicants holding degrees in areas other than those listed above, but whose education and experience demonstrate knowledge of the subjects of the Program, shall be considered and assessed by the Admission Panel.

Scholarships and tuition waiver are offered for the entire three-year duration of the Program and are renewed yearly upon verification of the conditions specified in the Regulations of the PhD Program in terms of applicants’ performance.

The yearly amount of the scholarship, paid in monthly instalments, is determined in accordance with the Ministry of Education, Universities and Research Ministerial Decree n. 40 of 25 January 2018. Currently it amounts to €15,343.28 yearly, before social security and health insurance contributions, to be paid by the recipient.

More information here.

Deadline: 29 May 2020.