PhD scholarships in Computer Science at the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano, Italy

The main goal of this programme is to train future scientists with a strong professional background who are capable of working in an international and highly competitive environment, such as the Information Technology (IT) sector. This also involves the ability to communicate ideas clearly and efficiently orally and in writing and the ability to work in groups.

In order to conclude the programme successfully, the PhD student has to elaborate a research topic independently and this research must contribute significantly to current knowledge in the area of computer science. Due to the time limits of the programme, PhD students will focus on their research work. To achieve this, they are supported by a structured PhD programme.

Research areas at the Faculty of Computer Science spans three main research areas, which are being developed by research groups on a long-term basis (specific themes can be seen here):

  • Information and database systems engineering
  • Knowledge representation and databases
  • Software and systems engineering

Applicants who have obtained their degrees abroad must have a university education of at least five years duration and fulfill the prerequisites listed below.

In order to apply for the PhD programme in Computer Science applicants must have sufficient knowledge of English.

The prerequisites for admission to doctoral programmes include having acquired an appropriate educational degree, and/or have worked in the PhD course fields, in particular being able to demonstrate a deep knowledge of the fundamental techniques and methods used in computer science.

Qualifications in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Information or Electronic Engineering are preferable.

Admission to the program is based on the assessment of applicants through:

  • CV and academic qualifications;
  • their research exposé;
  • interview.

Their competency in English (at least level B2) will also be assessed during the interview.

Total PhD positions: 19 places

  • PhD positions with grants from the University: 10 places
  • PhD positions without grant: 4 places

Deadline: 7 July 2019.

More information here.