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How to look for a supervisor in Europe to host your MSCA individual fellowship?

Latin American and the Caribbean-based researchers interested in doing an Individual Fellowship in Europe can apply for a Marie Sklodowska Curie Individual European Fellowship (more at http://bit.ly/MSCAIF2019, call here).

To apply for the fellowship the researcher has to secure the support of a research organisation in Europe that is willing to host him or her for the duration of the MSCA IF fellowship. The host institution can be public or private, from the academy or not.

1. EURAXESS Hosting portal

Interested candidates that do not yet have a partner organisation in Europe may search for organisations interested in supporting your application to the MSCA Individual Fellowships Calls from foreign researchers on the EURAXESS Hosting portal following the link below:


Examples of recent hosting offers (Expressions of Interest - EOI) in Europe from our database:


2. Net4Mobility+ EOI

The network of the National Contact Points for Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA NCPs) is also offering support in finding a European host and partner. You can find ‘Expressions of Interest’ (EOI) for researchers who are looking for a partner institution for MSCA projects, or for host institution for MSCA fellowships or MSCA fellowship positions published on their website.

3. Explore your own network, ask your supervisor

4. Look at the Partner seach tool on the Funding & Tender Portal here

Express the interest of your LAC entity to host MSCA applicants

Are you a working at a university, research institute or company in LAC looking to host a Europe-based Marie Curie applicants?

Sign up your organisation with EURAXESS now and publish a hosting offer for free on the portal. Read here how to express your institution’s interest.