Joint call for bioeconomy projects between Brazil and Germany (Finep/BMBF)

This Joint Public Call aims to support cooperative projects between Brazilian and German Research Organizations (ROs) and/ or companies in the themes of "industrial use of biomass" and "medicinal and aromatic plants", aiming at the generation of knowledge, technology and innovation for economic, social and environmental gains in both countries. 

Finep is the Brazilian financing organization responsible for the nonrefundable financing of Brazilian ROs and / or companies that will have their projects selected under this call.

BMBF via Project Management Jülich - PtJ and BMEL via Fachagentur Nachwachsende Rohstoffe e.V. - FNR are the German financing organizations responsible for the non-refundable financing of German ROs and / or companies that will have their projects selected under this call.

Projects must be carried out through cooperation between German and Brazilian institutions, whether they are companies involved in research or Scientific, Technological and Innovation Institutions (Instituições Científicas, Tecnológicas e de Inovação (ICTs)). These projects must be complementary and not of isolated development of each Party (Brazil and Germany).

The Public Call aims to select proposals that stimulate strategic research and the development of partnerships for innovation, through selected projects in the following areas of knowledge:

AREA 1: Industrial use of renewable resources with a special emphasis on:

  • Development of products with new or improved functionalities, creating additional value and based on
  • Raw materials from major and minor crops of mutual interest for Germany and Brazil
  • Agri/silvicultural and industrial residues, as well as coupling products at all levels along value chains of mutual interest for Germany and Brazil including process optimization and intensification
  • Development of new or improved products and processes with high added value based on commercially existing biobased value chains with the aim to improve competitiveness and resource efficiency as well as extending business areas

AREA 2: Medicinal and aromatic plants

For the cases below, the plants must be related to the productive systems conducted by small farmers, originating or not from national biodiversity.

  • Mapping of medicinal and aromatic plant populations for characterization of genotypic and phenotypic diversity;
  • Scientific and technological development of the production, processing and commercialization of medicinal, aromatic bioactive plants and their derivatives; and
  • Evaluation, selection and characterization of high-value plants and their compounds for high added value primary products for industrial application.

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Deadline: 19 March 2021.


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