French Chairs at IMPA in pure or applied Mathematics

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The Institute of Pure and Applied Mathematics (IMPA), in partnership with the Consulate General of France in Rio de Janeiro, is launching for the first time a programme of Chairs in order to receive professors or researchers from French education and research institutions in Rio de Janeiro. The stay will start at the beginning of 2018 (flight tickets will have to be purchased before November 2017).

This programme will receive 2 professors or researchers from French institutions in the field of pure or applied mathematics, for a period of more than 90 days and less than 120 days.

Deadline: 1 May 2017

Projects must be submitted to the Direction of the IMPA and the Consulate General of France in Rio de Janeiro:

For IMPA, Marcelo Viana and Claudio Landim: dgeral@impa.br, landim@impa.br

For the French Consulate General in Rio de Janeiro, Philippe Michelon and Pauline Combaret: philippe.michelon@diplomatie.gouv.fr, pauline.combaret@diplomatie.gouv.fr

Please indicate as object of the email: Cátedras IMPA

More details here