EURAXESS Training - science communication workshop

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    17/10/2016 - 23:00
    Brazil, Rio de Janeiro
    18/10/2016 - 22:59
    EURAXESS Brazil


All finalists of the EURAXESS Science Slam, as well as 25 selected scientists were offered the possibility to improve their presentation techniques at a one-day science communication course in Rio de Janeiro, given by some of the best communication professionals, including the organiser of TEDx Rio. The event was organised in partnership with the Brazilian Academy of Sciences (ABC). Apart from

presentations given by the Brazilian communication experts, which includ ed tipson how to grab the audience’s attention, by using humour or clearer and simpler language for example, several communication exercices kept participants busy and thrilled in this dynamic and entertaining day of networking and communication skills. Activities included for example corporal awareness and body language advice while presenting – which resulted in an impromptu dance session among participants, mixing classical music with the Latin rythms of samba, forró or salsa - and the chance for participants to film themselves while presenting their research in the form of two minute pitches.

More details, including pictures of the day and biographies of the trainers of this EURAXESS workshop, which took place on 18 October are available here

A detailed description of the event and the trainers’ presentations is available here (in Portuguese)