Call in Spain - Ikerbasque contract positions for senior researchers (Incoming)

Ikerbasque - The Basque Foundation for Science offers 10 permanent contract positions for senior researchers willing to develop a long-term scientific career in the Basque Country. These positions are financed by the Basque Government, the European Commission and the host institution where the researcher will develop her/his research.


Who may apply?

  • Researchers with a solid research track and leadership capabilities
  • The applicants must have their PhD completed before January 2010
  • Senior researchers willing to develop a long-term scientific career in the Basque Country
  • Two reference letters are mandatory (minimum)
  • Candidates must obtain a support letter from the host institution


The evaluation committee will only consider the strongest candidates with excellent leadership capabilities and an outstanding research record. Research Professors are expected to perform independent research. They should be capable of attracting competitive funding and establishing their own research groups. Applications from women are especially welcomed.

The evaluation of the applications is based on:

  • Scientific merit and research track
  • Relevance of research topic and latest publications
  • Concordance with Basque research capabilities


More at http://www.ikerbasque.net/en/calls/research-professors-0

Deadline: 13 September 2018

Contact info@ikerbasque.net


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