Call for PhD holders with international experience to work at Fiocruz, in Brazil, for 6 months

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The call for PhD with Experience Abroad - DEE - aims to encourage the attraction of researchers with experience abroad to work at Fiocruz, whose training and professional experience represent an innovative contribution to the Fiocruz Graduate Programs participating in the PrInt Fiocruz-Capes Program. It is expected that the performance of these doctors in the program will contribute to knowledge exchanges, create new academic environments with greater cultural and scientific diversity, fostering actions that positively impact the quality of graduates and research in the Fiocruz graduate.

Professors and researchers, Brazilians or foreigners, with experience abroad, who reside in Brazil or abroad, may apply for the following categories:

a) Postdoctoral fellow: Doctors, Brazilians or foreigners, living in Brazil or abroad, who have relevant academic-scientific experience proven abroad (full doctorate or postdoctoral studies for at least 12 months), who have interest in carrying out research and teaching activities at Fiocruz for a period of 6 months;

b) Young Talent: Brazilian or foreign doctors, residents and acting abroad for at least 12 months, at the time of application, who have relevant academic-scientific experience proven abroad and, at most, 10 years of obtaining the doctor's title, counted on the date of registration, to perform research activities and teaching at Fiocruz for a period of 6 months.

The scholarships of this Call will last 6 months. 10 Postdoctoral scholarships and 4 Youth Talent scholarships will be awarded.

More information here.

Deadline: 7 October 2020.

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