Call open in Iceland! The Icelandic Research Fund (IRF): postdoctoral fellowship grants (Incoming)

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The purpose of the postdoctoral fellowship grant is to help young research scientists to develop their academic careers. The applicant must explain how the fellowship fits with previous work of the applicant, how it will enhance his/her career development, and provide information about future research plans after the grant period. If the grant recipient accepts another position during the grant period, the grant payments will be terminated at the start date of the new position.

Research field:

- Formal sciences

- Humanities

- Natural sciences

- Applied sciences

- Social sciences


The grant from the IRF may fund up to 100% of the total project cost. Approved expenses from the Icelandic research fund include: Salaries, operational expenses, travel expenses, contracted services, overhead expenses and facilities.


The maximum grant amount for projects is ISK 24 million for a 36-month project (approx. EUR 193 000), ISK 16 million for a 24 month project (approx. EUR 129 000), and ISK 8 million for a 12-month project (approx. EUR 64 000),


The eligible applicant must have obtained an invitation from a host institution, preferably different from the institution awarding the doctoral degree, prior to the submission deadline. Applicants for postdoctoral fellowships must have been awarded a doctoral degree within the past seven years before the grant application deadline.

Deadline: 15 June 2018

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