Call in GERMANY (DAAD) – Development-Related Postgraduate Courses (EPOS), Incoming, MA, PhD

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The EPOS programme offers individual scholarships to participants from developing countries so that they may study development-related postgraduate courses at selected universities in Germany.

Scholars from many LAC countries are eligible under the EPOS programme, including from Argentina, Brazil, Columbia, Mexico. Check the list here

The scholarships offer foreign graduates from all disciplines and with at least two years' professional experience the chance to take a postgraduate or Master's degree at a state or state-recognised German university, and in exceptional cases to take a doctoral degree, and to obtain a university qualification (Master's/PhD) in Germany.

What is supported?

Individual scholarships exclusively for Postgraduate courses in Germany that are listed on the "List of all Postgraduate courses with application deadlines" that include

  • Depending on academic level, monthly payments of 750 euros for graduates or 1,000 euros for doctoral candidates
  • Payments towards health, accident and personal liability insurance cover
  • Travel allowance, unless these expenses are covered by the home country or another source of funding

Duration: 12 to 36 months (dependent on study programme)

Deadline: differing dates, depending ont he individual German university's calendar.

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