Call in Colombia! L'Oréal - UNESCO - For Women in Science Colombia Fellowships 2019

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The L’Oréal-UNESCO “Para las mujeres en la Ciencia” call will offer seven fellowships to young Colombian women scientists to carry out scientific research work at postdoctoral level.

  • This year marks the 10th anniversary of the program in Colombia.
  • For the first time in the history of the program in the country, 7 women scientists will be recognized with the award.
  • To date, a total of 23 women from all regions of Colombia have been awarded the "For Women in Science" scholarship, an award granted annually by L'Oréal Colombia with the support of the National Commission for Cooperation with Unesco, Colciencias and Icetex.


  • Be over 25 years old and have a maximum of 45 years at the time of applying.
  • Be Colombian and reside in the country now.
  • Engaged in doctoral or post-doctoral studies for at least one year, or have one of those two degrees and be carrying out research linked to a public or private entity.
  • Present a project in the determined research areas (life sciences, agricultural sciences, technological sciences, chemistry, physics, medical sciences and mathematics), which must be completed through the Colciencias Project Registration Form.

For Women in Science is a programme that, for ten years, has been seeking to promote and recognise the work of women who have dedicated their lives to the advancement of knowledge and the improvement of humanity through their research projects. This initiative has supported more than 3,000 women in 115 countries with the delivery of international scholarships in the five continents; In Colombia to date, it has recognised 23 women. 

Entities such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (from the Executive Secretariat of the National Commission of Cooperation with UNESCO), Icetex and Colciencias make the development of the programme possible in Colombia. Thanks to this public-private partnership this year, for the first time, the Women's Award in Science will recognize the work of 7 Colombian scientists, granting them an academic incentive of 20 million pesos each, thanks to the co-financing of three of them on behalf of Icetex and two on the part of Colciencias. This funding comes in addition to the two annual awards that L'Oréal Colombia delivers.

Deadline: 16 August 2019

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Registration must be done via the current Icetex call portal:https://portal.icetex.gov.co/Portal/Home/HomeEstudiante/becas/becas-para...

and via Colciencias: http://www.colciencias.gov.co/scienti