Call between France - South America: MATH-AmSud 2019 and STIC-AmSud 2019

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The regional programmes MATH-AmSud 2019 and STIC-AmSud 2019 are initiatives of the French cooperation (French Ministry for Foreign Affairs) and counterparts from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela, aimed to promote and strengthen the collaboration and to create networks of research and development in the field of mathematics (MATH-AmSud) and in the field of Information and Communication Science and Technology (STIC-AmSud), for the realisation of joint projects through the mobility of investigators.

Eligible participants:

  • Any researcher from public or private research units or laboratories, linked to institutions of higher education, research organisations or companies may apply for projects.
  • Each project must involve at least one French research group and at least two research groups belonging to two of the South American countries which participate in the programme.

The application of the proposals must be made via the online platform available on the CONICYT website for the purpose: https://auth.conicyt.cl/

The International Coordinator must send a version .pdf in English of the proposal through the application platform, including the CVs of the proposal participants.

  • Brazilian researchers must also present their project to CAPES until May 31th 2019 on the website of the program, according the established previsions in the bases published on its website. The International Coordinator of the project must also send it to the Secretariat of this Program.
  • Colombian researchers  who ask for grant to COLCIENCIAS have to be recognized in the 3 categories system of this institution.
  • Peruvian researchers must also register their participation by May 16th 2019, 13:00 GMT-05 (Peruvian Hour) at FONDECYT (http://www.fondecyt.gob.pe/).
  • Argentinian researchers interested in submitting projects will have to contact MECCyT: bilateral@mincyt.gob.ar, in order to acknowledge and accept the funding conditions of the MECCyT for this call.
  • Uruguayan researchers interested in submitting projects should send a copy of the application to ANII to the following adress: snb_movilidad@anii.org.uy.
  • Paraguayan researchers must register their participation no later than May 16th, 12:00 GMT-04 (Paraguay hour) at CONACYT (http://www.conacyt.gov.py/ ).

Deadline: 15 May 2019

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