Call in Belgium - Incoming and outgoing doctoral and postdoctoral scholarships for Excellence IN.WBI & WBI.World

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Two schemes are receiving candidacies under the programme:

IN WBI Excellence Scholarship Program (Incoming to Belgium)


Open to foreigners from any nationality, including Brazilians and other LAC nationalities, wishing to enrol in a post-doctorate programme in a University of Wallonia-Brussels in the following fields:

  • Transport and logistics;
  • Mechanical engineering;
  • Life sciences;
  • Agriculture-industry;
  • Aero-space;
  • Environmental technologies.

Other fields may be considered, including human sciences, and fundamental or applied research.

Types of programme:

  • Long-term scholarships (minimum 1 year, renewable once) at postdoctoral level ;
  • Short-term scholarships (1 to 3 months, non-renewable) at postdoctoral level.

Financial arrangements:

  • Monthly amount 2.120 euros covering living expenses, accommodation, educational materials and travel expenses within the country ;
  • WBI will cover international travel costs (one round trip for the total duration of the program) ;
  • WBI covers "healthcare" insurance for non-EU fellows ;
  • WBI takes responsibility for “repatriation assistance” insurance (only for long-term scholarships).

Application deadlines:

  • For long-term scholarships: No later than the 1st of March (UTC/GMT +1) preceding the academic year during which the stay is requested (starting 1st of October at the latest).
  • For short-term scholarships:
    • for stay between February and May : no later than the preceding 1st of October (UTC/GMT +2);
    • for stay between June and September : no later than the preceding 1st of February (UTC/GMT +1);
    • for stay between October and January (starting 1st of November at the latest) : no later than the preceding 1st of May (UTC/GMT +2).

It should be noted that you are allowed to submit a file even if you are in an active term and the doctorate certification is not yet in your possession. In this case, it will be necessary to send proof of achievement at the latest on :

  • For long-term scholarships (stay between September and August): 1st of June ;
  • For short-term scholarships :
    • for stay between February and May : 1st of December ;
    • for stay between June and September : 1st of April ;
    • for stay between October and January : 1st of July.

More information on this scheme here: IN.WBI

WBI.World Scholarship Program (Outgoing from Belgium)

Fellowships are also available for Belgian or resident students in the same fields as mentioned above to follow a doctorate or postdoctorate programme in a university abroad.

More information on this cheme here: WBI.World

Both incoming and outgoing fellowships can be awarded for long term (1 year, renewable) or short term research (1 to 3 months).

Deadline: 1 March (for long-term stays). Cut-off date for short-term stays: 1 May (for stays between October and January).