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To date, seven Brazilian researchers have been awarded ERC Starting and Consolidator Grants.

They are (the first three are in the picture left to right):

  • The leading mathematician Artur Avila for his "Quasiperiodic" project;
  • Aureo de Paula for his project on “Econometric Analysis of Interaction Models.” ;
  • Elison Matioli for his project " IN-NEED" on energy efficiency;
  • Bernardo Franklin for his Plat-IL-1 project on inflammasomes
  • Eduardo Lee for his project TOPOQDot on topological materials
  • Roberto Rinaldi for his LIGNINFIRST project on lignocellulosic Biomass
  • Mariana de Campos Françozo, for her BRASILIAE project.

Some of them told us a little bit about their trajectory and shared their views on the EU-Brazil cooperation. Read their interviews by clicking on their names.


About ERC:

Set up in 2007 by the EU, the European Research Council is the first pan-European funding organization for frontier research. It aims to stimulate scientific excellence in Europe by encouraging competition for funding between the very best, creative researchers of any nationality and age. The ERC also strives to attract top researchers from anywhere in the world to come to Europe. It funds young, early-career top researchers ('ERC Starting grants'), already independent excellent scientists ('ERC Consolidator Grants'), and senior research leaders ('ERC Advanced Grants').

For more info in PORTUGUESE, click here.

Please, note that ERC grants support projects carried out by an individual researcher ('Principal Investigator') who can employ researchers of any nationality as team members. It is also possible to have one or more team members located in a non-European country.
Read our interviews with Brazilian researchers involved in ERC projects and with an ERC grantee running part of his ERC project in Brazil where one of his team-member is based.

Vacancies for team members interested in joining an ERC led research project, can be published on the Euraxess-Jobs portal.

ERC National Contact Point in Brazil:

Prof. Moacyr MARTUCCI Jr

Av. Prof. Luciano Gualberto, Trav 3, 158 – sala C2-49

São Paulo, SP

+55 11 3091 5626