29th CORNET Call: Funding for research projects with companies (Brazil and Peru eligible in LAC)

This CORNET Call for Proposals is based on existing funding programmes for (collective) research in the participating countries/regions. As for the previous CORNET Calls, the added value is to make international collaboration possible for these national/regional programmes, whereby every project participant will be funded by the funding organisation of their own country or region.

Each project submitted to Cornet must involve at least two countries. In this call, the participating countries are Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Holland, Peru, Poland, Switzerland and Turkey. An overview of the national/regional programmes and their eligibility criteria can be found on the CORNET website https://www.cornet.online/calls-for-proposals/participating-funding-agencies/

Candidacies need to be done via consortium, with at least 2 countries participating. More details on the application procedure can be seen in the call's guidelines.  

The main eligibility criterion concerning submitted proposals is that they address Collective Research. The defining characteristics of Collective Research are:

  • It serves the need of a wide grouping of companies, mostly small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs). This grouping is represented by a body such as an association, federation, a sectoral institute, an ad-hoc SME-grouping etc. (herein commonly referred to as ‘association’), which takes a key role in planning and organising the Collective Research work.
  • Knowledge transfer (dissemination) is an integral part of Collective Research. It has to be ensured that the results of research are spread throughout the target grouping of companies by suitable measures (e. g. presentations, conferences, training etc.), and that there is a technical and legal path for technology transfer to all interested SMEs of the concerned sector, without discrimination.
  • Finally, Collective Research is pre-competitive meaning research and development in which there is collaboration but no competition.

Deadline for the current call: 25 March 2020.

If you need more time for your proposal or to find suitable project partners, you can also participate in the next call approximately opening mid of June 2020 with deadline on 30 September 2020.

More information here.