Several Postdoc positions available through the Belgium Wallonia Research Fellowships

In order to promote the mobility of researchers* to Wallonia, the SPW research has set up a new mechanism to finance their receiption in Wallonia / Wallonia-Brussels Federation : the "BEWARE Fellowships 2". BEWARE2 aims to attract 75 qualified researchers to the Walloon companies where they will spend half of their stay while the other half will be at a university, a university college or a research centre.

This call for proposals aims to promote the mobility of researchers (a) who are highly qualified towards companies (b) and accredited research centres, universities or research centres backed by university colleges in Wallonia/Wallonia-Brussels Federation (c). In fact, the proposal must be structured around the trio (a) + (b) + (c).

The stay of these researchers must lead to an increase in scientific and technological potential in Wallonia through, such as:

  • the development and validation of new products, processes or services intended to be promoted industrially in the short term, or
  • the acquisition and development of a new technology, and
  • the development of the skills of the researcher.

The researcher's stay in Wallonia will be balanced between supervisors (b) and (c). This stay must last at least 18 months and no longer than three years. It can only be interrupted by a stay of maximum two weeks a year (can be combined) outside Wallonia, to be agreed between the parties. The research deliverable must be unique, quantifiable, clearly identified, exhaustively described, and justified in relation to its usage potential and its innovative nature.

In brief:

  • 18 to 36 months contract
  • 50% of your time in a company and 50% in a research centre or a university or a university college
  • become an « ambassador » of Wallonia in the frame of your collaboration with the Region

Research Topics

All research topics are eligible

  • bottom up based
  • and must demonstrate an innovative aspect and / or enable technology transfer


Candidates must hold a doctorate or demonstrate equivalent research experience (with a minimum of four years). On the closing date for the call for proposals, the researcher must be in a situation of transnational mobility, i.e. have spent less than 12 months in Belgium over the last 36 months on a professional basis and with an employment contract. More details on how the call works can be found here

Guide for Applicants

Deadline: 1 April, 2022