New ERC Panel Structure in 2021 and 2022

In view of the major revision of the ERC panel structure for the 2021 and 2022 calls, the ERC Scientific Council has decided to publish the full panel structure well ahead of time.

This should allow the scientific communities to familiarise themselves with the changes in preparation for the first calls under the 2021 Work Programme.

Function of panel structure: provide guidance to applicants

  • Not meant to be a complete scientific classification

  • Panel titles, subtitles, descriptors do not reflect priorities

  • Any topic is welcome, regardless of whether it is explicitly listed

  • Proposals can fall in between two or more panels

  • The evaluation of each individual proposal will be adapted accordingly

  • Panel structure is revised regularly

    • scientific reasons

    • practical reasons, e.g. number and distribution of proposals

Rationale for revision

  • Scientific needs:

    • Modernise to reflect scientific reality better

    • Integrate parts of science that were so far only implicitly covered ▪ Encourage applicants who may not have felt “at home” so far

    • Ensure coherence of each panel

  • Practical needs:

    • Rebalance panel size for fairness and feasibility of evaluation process

Impact for applicants

  • New panel structure applicable as of Starting Grant 2021

  • Overriding aim is to tap into full potential of applicants in all areas of science ▪ Proactive communication effort by ERC Scientific Council and Agency

  • Publication of full revised panel structure well ahead of time (exceptionally) ▪ Applicants are advised to familiarise themselves with the changes

  • No change in evaluation process linked to this revision