8 Postdoc Fellowships available in the fields of health/life sciences or environment/biodiversity

The ApogeeBio post-doctoral fellowship program gives you an opportunity to join a research team at Genopole, a leading French biocluster for academic research and innovation located just south of Paris.

The ApogeeBio* program is:

  • 3 international calls to be made between 2021 and 2023 for a total of 24 fellowships.
  • 8 fellowships for ApogeeBio 2021 (next calls in 2022 and 2023).
  • For experienced researchers working in the fields  of health/life sciences or the environment/biodiversity.
  • Hosting possibilities in academic and private research structures.

Resarch Areas:

  • Gene and cell therapies
  • Human and environmental genomics
  • Biophysics, structural and molecular biology, chemistry
  • Computational biology, including bioinformatics, biostatistics, machine learning and artificial intelligence 
  • Systems and synthetic biology, biotechnologies
  • Management of innovation, including intellectual and industrial property and ethics

ApogeeBio's assets:

  • Attractive opportunities for positions within 14 academic laboratories and 77 companies at the Genopole biocluster in Evry-Courcouronnes (south of Paris).
  • A large ecosystem for research and innovation including class-leading infrastructures and several of Genopole's scientific partners
  • Attractive allocations: up to €3000 net monthly salary for 24 months
  • Support for arrival, cultural immersion and career development - Science Accueil Association Bernard Gregory

Since 2000, Genopole has enabled 92 research fellowships hosted in academic teams or private companies at the biocluster. 

Following their fellowship periods at Genopole, all of the postdoctoral researchers have rapidly found permanent positions in private or academic research.


  • Deadline for submission 20 February 2022
  • First phase of selection (assessment of the full application dossier) March 2022
  • Second phase of selection (interview step) April 2022
  • Notification of final selections April 2022
  • Grant establishment process May 2022
  • Projects must start within the six months following the signing of the grant.

Evaluation & Selection Process