8 PhD positions available in the fields of electrical machines and additive manufacturing

Marie-Curie-Doctoral-Industrial project with the title “New Generation of Electrical Machines Enabled by Additive Manufacturing – EMByAM” is looking for eight qualified doctoral candidates (DC).

The goal of our project is to establish a doctoral network of qualified candidates hosted by renowned institutions and industry partners of our consortium in the field of electrical machines and additive manufacturing in Germany, Czech Republic, England and Belgium, for a comprehensive study and solid development of a new generation of electrical machines for the key applications.

The objectives of our project are conceiving new concepts of electrical machines that benefit from the 3D geometrical freedom of AM, studying the potential, and laying the foundations of multi-material additive manufacturing to enhance the EM performance.


  • Additive manufacturing of a synchronous reluctance machine with modified electromagnetic and mechanical characteristics --> Germany
  • Electromagnetic and thermal design of permanent magnet machines with additively manufactured magnetic materials --> Belgium
  • AC losses reduction by means of additive manufacturing for motors with improved efficiency and cooling capability --> England
  • Structural design optimization of additively manufactured electric machines --> Czech Rep.
  • 3D- structured transposed conductors to reduce the skin effect in the winding of electrical machines --> Germany
  • Multi-domain modelling of additively manufactured electrical machines --> England
  • Multiphasic modelling of additively manufactured electric machines considering thermal and mechanical properties of different materials and different printing techniques --> Belgium
  • Process optimization and material study for multi-material printing of electrical machines --> Czech Rep.


  • A well-designed PhD-program with direct contact to daily and academic supervisors
  • A double secondment during the PhD – program by an academic and an industry partners
  • Two additional abroad secondments by our beneficiary and associated partners
  • Varieties of Training workshops
  • 36 months of continuous financing for the PhD program
  • Working in a group of 8 PhD students with excellent networking opportunities
  • Personalized career development plans for each PhD candidate


We are looking for highly qualified candidates holding a master degree in engineering, preferably electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, mechatronics and relevant areas to be hired at earliest from 01.10.2022 by one our university and industry partners.

The candidate are responsible for the complete implementation of the projects and will be enrolled in a PhD program at one of the following universities: Leibniz University Hannover, University of Nottingham, Ghent University, Czech Technical University. Each DC will be hired for half the PhD – program (18 months) by a university and the other half by an industry partner in the same country. DCs will also be enrolled in varieties of workshops and training programs of EMByAM project. Each DC will have a daily supervisor and a PhD supervisor during the EMByAM project (36 months).


    You are interested to be a part of our consortium for shaping the future of electrical machines? Then apply for our positions (please prioritise the topics you want to apply for from 1 to 8, 1 be the highest) and send your application documents including:

    • CV
    • BS.C and MS.C certificates
    • credential and performance reports in PDF format

    to embyam@ial.uni-hannover.de

    Application Deadline: 31/08/2022 00:00 - Europe/Brussels

    We aim to increase the proportion of women in technical fields and therefore strongly encourages qualified female students/engineers to apply. Women are given preferential treatment in the case of equal suitability, qualification and professional performance, unless reasons relating to the person of a competitor outweigh this.