Wellcome Trust International Training Fellowships in Health. ASEAN Researchers Eligible (ex Singapore and Brunei)

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The aim of this scheme is to provide support for early stage researchers to consolidate their research skills and gain additional training to allow you to explore new research areas within the science remit of the Wellcome Trust. ASEAN researchers (ex Singapore and Brunei) are encouraged to apply.

Your research proposal should focus on a health priority in a low- or middle-income country and fall within the following broad areas of research:

  • Genetics and molecular science. Understanding genetic variation in individuals and across populations, and the structural, biophysical and biochemical properties of genes, chromosomes and proteins.
  • Cellular and developmental science. Understanding how cells function and interact with their environment, how organisms develop, how cells can be used in regenerative medicine, and what happens when cellular behaviour goes awry, for example in cancer.
  • Neuroscience and mental health. Understanding how the brain functions at the molecular, cellular and cognitive level, and finding improved approaches for treating brain and mental health disorders.
  • Infection and immuno-biology. Understanding the immune system and the emergence, transmission, pathogenesis and control of acute and chronic infectious diseases.
  • Physiology. Understanding the physiology and pathology of tissues and systems relevant to health and disease, physiological processes at the cellular level, and the effects of clinical, pharmacological and environmental interventions on individuals.
  • Population and health. Population-based research, focusing on the UK and low- and middle-income countries.

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