Virtual matchmaking MasterClass (MSCA-PF Call 2022): Matching European Hosting Offers with applicants in Southeast Asia and South Korea

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    24/05/2022 - 09:00
    Singapore, Singapore
    30/05/2022 - 12:00
    EURAXESS ASEAN and Korea

The presentation material will be uploaded here over the course of the following days. Please scroll to the bottom of the page to access the speakers' slides.


The Virtual matchmaking MasterClass (MSCA-PF Call 2022) is being hosted by EURAXESS ASEAN and EURAXESS Korea. [Please note that this session is open to future applicants of all nationalities]

The event will be conducted virtually over the course of three consecutive days via the Zoom platform. The events are scheduled for 24, 25 and 30 May 2022 from 9am to 10.30am CET. (Please be aware of your own time zone and adjust accordingly!)

European research institutions seeking to host applicants to the MSCA-PF Call 2022 will showcase their offers to research talent based in the EURAXESS Worldwide hubs ASEAN and Korea.


Each event day will feature the hosting offers of six European research institutions / agencies. Each event days is scheduled for 90 to 120 minutes.

Presenting institutions will be paired with a audience members in breakout rooms. Participants will be rotated in 15 minute intervalls to allow for engagement with all presenters. 

Both presenter and attendees can engage with each other using video and audio. 


Interested candidates are invited to complete a questionnaire to secure their place at the Virtual Matchmaking event. Please note that the questionnaire serves as a pre-screening exercise to confirm that all attendees comply with the general MSCA-PF eligibility criteria.



24 MAY

9am - 12noon CET

25 MAY

9am - 11.00am CET

30 MAY

9am - 12noon CET

Breakout room 1


Université Côte d'Azur, France

University of Angers, France

Breakout room 2

CEA-Li2D, France

IGBMC (Inserm, CNRS, Strasbourg Univ), France



Breakout room 3

Munster Technological University, Ireland

Le Studium Loire Valley Institute for Advanced Studies, France


Breakout room 4

IGBMC, France

Turkey / Acıbadem university

IGBMC/University of Strasbourg, France

Breakout room 5

National Institute of Chemistry, Slovenia

Czech Republic, Palacky University in Olomouc

Université Côte d'Azur, France

Breakout room 6

Norway/ Nord University

Politecnico di Milano - Italy

KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden

Breakout room 7

Leiden University, The Netherlands

DSM Center for Food Innovation, Delft, The Netherlands

Sweden - Jönköping University

Breakout room 8


Imagine - Institute for genetic diseases, France

South East Technological University (Ireland)

Czech Republic

Breakout room 9




University of Twente, The Netherlands


Name of institution

Scientific disciplines with available hosting offers for the 2022 MSCA-PF call

Candidate Profile / Info

Does the institution offer proposal writing workshops? What support if available?


All disciplines

full support is being offered from matching with supervisors, guidance on how to prepare the proposal; dedicated MSCA PF proposal writing training (travel and accommodation to Malta will be supported for selected eligible participants); proposal reviews and pre-screening.

Yes, in July

Munster Technological University, IRELAND

Computer Science, Engineering


PhD/Expertise in Wireless Networks, Blockchain and AI to apply in the context of Industry 4.0/5.0 or UN SDG goals.

No but individual support is available

The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey, TURKEY


All disciplines

TUBITAL will provide contacts for every hosting offer. They can be reached at ncpmobility@tubitak.gov.tr

TUBITAK provides MSCA pre-evaluation support where applicants can get financial support to pre-check their proposals submitted with a Turkish host. Moreover, MSCA National Contact Points are located at TUBITAK and ready to help to the applicants.


Biological Sciences, Computer Sciences,

Environmental Sciences

PhD or post-doctoral students in data science, bioinformatics, mass spectrometry, omics, interested in the development of functional metaproteomics and multi-omics

No but individual support is available

University of Angers, FRANCE

Biological Sciences, Chemistry

Computer Sciences

Medical Sciences


All eligible candidates

Yes, https://www.univ-angers.fr/en/news/msca-postdoctoral-fellowship-at-the-u...

Imagine - Institute for genetic diseases, Paris, FRANCE

Biological Sciences

Medical Sciences


PhD in life science or MD PhD; Research at Imagine covers genetic diseases at large (e.g. immuno, neuro, renal, muscular, bone disorders etc.). The global aim of the projects of the institute is to use cutting edge technologies (e.g. single cell multi-omics approaches) and best-suited models (e.g. in silico, organoids, iPSCs, zebrafish / mice) in a translational environment (research and clinics) to better characterize, diagnose and treat genetic diseases.

if contacted well in advance by hosting team, our Grant Office validates the eligibility of applicant for the call, can help to structure the proposal (excellence, impact, implementation) and helps to prepare its "non-scientific" sections (ethical self-assesment, online submission form etc.)

IGBMC/University of Strasbourg, FRANCE

Biological Sciences, Chemistry


Structural bioinformatics

Students with expertise in programming and molecular simulations would be the best


some background in structural biology



The institute has a grant officer and we are willing to help the candidate


The Personal Investigator will help directly with the proposal. the Institute offers support for the writing of the proposal and the international aspects of it

Université Côte d'Azur, FRANCE

All disciplines


Administrative support; Support for writing the scientific and non-scientific sections (including production of illustrations, tables and charts); Support from MSCA-PF laureats; English proofreading; Peer review of the application

Le Studium Loire Valley Institute for Advanced Studies, FRANCE

All disciplines

All eligible candidates

Helping with linking with a high level host laboratory

Acıbadem university, TURKEY

Biological Sciences

Medical Sciences


Any one related to a field using porphyrnoids, especially phthalocyanines

Project support office provides assistance

Palacky University in Olomouc, CZECH REPUBLIC

Social Sciences

1) interested in the post-Soviet space (the Soyacene project) & 2) researchers interested in border zones in Asia (for the exclusion zones project)

Proposal writing training is available


Trainings, consultations and workshops with potential supervisors

KTH Royal Institute of Technology, SWEDEN

Computer science

Software Technology

Ph.D.s looking to pursue a project in software analytics

Budget planning, relocation support, proposal reviewing

Politecnico di Milano, ITALY



Computer Science


Environmental Science



Social Sciences

Post doc candidates interested in applying for one of the supervisors' project proposals listed here: https://www.polimi.it/en/faculty-and-staff/calls-and-competitions/call-f...

Promising candidates will be invited to the Politecnico di Milano for 2 days (4-5 July 2022) to attend a full course on the proposal writing (also on line option is possible), to meet with their supervisors, to visit laboratories and facilities and to make use of full support in the application writing process by POLIMI advisors.

Jönköping University, SWEDEN


Materials Science and Engineering (Metallurgy)

Passionate candidates with background in metallic materials, specifically on alloy development. Knowledge in modern techniques in alloy design and integration of AI and machine learning is a plus

Arranging the proposal together and other related administrative work/checkup for submission

National Institute of Chemistry, SLOVENIA


All eligible candidates

Eligibility checks and finding a supervisor; Applicants write their proposal with input and support from their supervisor and the Project Management Office team; Feedback on the draft proposal (optional); Feedback on part A (optional)

Nord University, NORWAY

Biological Sciences


Environmental Sciences

Social Sciences

Medical Sciences


Prospective talented researchers that might be interested in cooperation with our researchers

We have MSCA PF Master Class at Nord University: https://www.nord.no/en/research/funding/msca/master-class/Pages/default...., incl. proposal writing workshop, proposal review(s) and individual follow-up throughout the process.


Computer Sciences


Electrical Engineering

candidates with experience in Soil processing modelling, Discrete element method, Finite element method, Wear analysis, Tracing analysis and simulation

trainings, guidelines, assistance of the National Contact Point for Horizon Europe in the Czech Republic on the proposal preparation (individual trainings, pre-evaluation of the project proposal, etc.), the project proposal will be made jointly by us as a hosting institution and the selected applicant

University of Twente, THE NETHERLANDS

Biological Sciences


Computer Science



Environmental Science






Social Sciences


All eligible candidates

Masterclass from idea development to proposal submission; individual support with grants advisors

Leiden University, THE NETHERLANDS

Medical Sciences


Biomedical Sciences, Life Sciences, Health

Talented young scientists (with a PhD-degree) interested in biomedical research, willing to move to The Netherlands

Advise, detailed feedback on draft proposal + CV, (LUMC-specific) tips for training/career development, check on the online administrative forms. Candidates have to contact a LUMC host group first themselves.


Webinar on 02 June 2022. MS Teams-link upon request via p.j.a.de_koning@lumc.nl



All disciplines

All eligible candidates

Advice and support will be provided

DSM | Biotech Campus Delft, THE NETHERLANDS

Biological sciences

food engineering (texture, flavor, processing)

students that have food processing and/or engineering (texture, flavor, color, ...) background

an experienced scientist will help write the proposal




Imagine - Institute for genetic diseases, Paris, FRANCE (4.24 MB)

Hosting offers in MALTA (399.78 KB)

Leiden University Medical Centre, The Netherlands (1.37 MB)

DSM Food and Beverages Center for Food Innovation, The Netherlands (4.28 MB)

South East Technological University, Ireland as a Host Organisation for MSCA Postdoctoral Fellows (1015.3 KB)


Understanding the MSCA-PF Call modalities (Session hosted on 4 May 2022) 

Q&A session How to draft a strong proposal (Session hosted on 11 May 2022)