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[Netherlands] Meertens-NIAS Fellowship

NIAS Dutch Fellowship

About the Fellowship

The fellowship is set up in 2023 to advance scholarly work in the field of language and culture in the Netherlands and Dutch language and culture in the world. NIAS and the Meertens Institute firmly believe that strengthening the internationalization of Dutch linguistics and ethnology, contributes to better science.

The Meertens-NIAS Fellowship provides the opportunity for international scholars (both from abroad and residing in the Netherlands) to come to Amsterdam, where they will be able to investigate new ideas, work on a challenging project, and get inspired by the international, interdisciplinary academic community of our institites, both members of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences.


The Meertens-NIAS Fellowship is granted for a period of 10 months (Sept – June). For the academic year 2023/24, it is also possible to apply for a 5-months-fellowship (Sept – Jan or Feb – June). 

The application deadline is 15 March 2023. The call is open simultaneously for the academic year 23/24 (two 5-months- fellowships or one 10-months-fellowship) and for the academic year 24/25 (one 10-months-fellowship).

Who Can Apply?

The fellowship is open to international scholars (e.g. with a non-Dutch nationality), both from abroad and residing in the Netherlands. Applicants should have between three and ten years of academic experience since they obtained their PhD-degree. The project proposal should relate to the broad thematic lines of research as explained in the document ‘The Netherlands in the world’. We especially welcome international scholars from backgrounds that are underrepresented in Dutch academia.  

What We Offer

Fellows are given the opportunity to work in an intellectually inspiring environment as member of the interdisciplinary community at NIAS and the Meertens Institute. Fellows may develop an exciting or urgent line of research for ten months, in an environment of advanced research with no teaching obligations. Fellows are provided with an office, research facilities and daily commuting travel expenses or subsidised accommodation in Amsterdam. Fellows receive a stipend of 2.500 euro per month, or in the case of fellows with an affiliation to a Dutch university – a Dutch University Grant of 2.500 euro per month (paid directly to the university). Additionally, fellows receive lunch offered at NIAS on working days; access to writing courses (grant writing and creative writing) offered by the KNAW; and an exceptional library. Fieldwork should be very limited, and should take place in the Netherlands. Each fellow will be paired with a Meertens researcher who will be their ‘contact point’ throughout the fellowship. There will be no formal labour relationship with either the Meertens Institute or NIAS.