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Belgium, KU Leuven: Master Class 2023 for MSCA Postdoctoral Fellowship applicants

MSCA PF 23 Masterclass KULeuven

Master Class 2023 for MSCA Postdoctoral Fellowship applicants

This Master Class is primarily intended for Marie Sklodowska-Curie Postdoctoral Fellowship (MSCA-PF) applicants with KU Leuven as host institution.

The Master class offers you the opportunity to get to know KU Leuven while also benefitting from an in-depth proposal writing clinic.

If you are currently a researcher at KU Leuven and applying with a host institution abroad, you may also register to participate. 

For more information about the support that KU Leuven offers to MSCA applicants, please check KU Leuven information and support for applicants


The online programme will consist of:

  • A live webinar on June 8 (09:00-11:30 am, Brussels time) with all basic information needed to start writing an excellent MSCA-PF proposal.
  • Access to an online platform with extra writing course modules and advise documents, which you can go through where and when you feel like it.
  • Two interactive chat sessions on June 29 and August 17 (11:00-12:00 am) in which you can ask questions.

You will receive more detailed information after registering for the Master Class. All sessions are recorded.


To register for the Master Class please e-mail your CV and the name of your (future) KU Leuven supervisor to this e-mail address. The EU team will verify your eligibility for the fellowship after which you will receive an email confirming your registration. Also, after the planned sessions, you can request access to the Master Class platform for advice, watching recordings and useful documentation.

Please note that:

  • The sessions will be recorded and be accessible on our online platform. Even after the registration deadline, you may contact us for more information by e-mail with your CV, the name of your future supervisor.