Netherlands/Kavli Institute of Nanoscience Delft: Quantum-Bio Postdoctoral Fellow Programme

A postdoctoral fellowship programme has been established for quantum-bio projects at the Kavli Institute of Nanoscience Delft (KIND).

KIND Postdoctoral Fellows are high‐profile, two‐year postdoctoral positions with significant independence and resources. The KIND Postdoctoral Fellows programme is designed to attract the best and brightest young researchers in nanoscale science to Delft.

Fellows will work in partnership with Delft faculty on a nanoscience project that involves both quantum and biological nanoscience research at KIND. Funds for running budget and travel will be available.

Prospective postdoc candidates are invited to write and submit a brief proposal. Proposals can be made for a 2-year project to be carried out with the support of two (or more) KIND faculty members, one working in the field of quantum nanoscience and one working in bionanoscience.

Proposals can be sent in once a year, with an annual deadline of 1 September.

In addition to the project proposal description, applications should include:

  • a cover letter motivating why the candidate is interested in applying for a KIND Postdoctoral Fellowship,
  • a CV with publication list,
  • names and email addresses of three references,
  • and a brief support letter from the two (or more) Kavli faculty members that support the proposal.
  • Note that applicants should coordinate closely with the latter faculty members in order to align their independent proposal with the research of the hosts.

While the call specifically invites external candidates to apply, internal candidates are eligible as well, provided their proposal is not a continuation their current project.

An example for the format of the proposal is provided in the Appendix. The call will close every year on 1 September. The proposals will be judged on: (in no particular order)

  • Eligibility: Is the proposal indeed a nanoscience project that fits KIND’s mission, will it be carried out at KIND, and is it supervised by two or more KIND faculty members, one working in the field of quantum nanoscience and one working in bionanoscience?

  • Scientific track record of the postdoc candidate.

  • Scientific quality and originality of the proposed project.

  • Synergetic benefit for KIND, i.e., will it connect across the bio/quantum disciplines?

After the deadline, the Kavli Advisory committee will review the proposals[1], rank them, and provide their advice to the KIND directors. A decision on awarding the Kavli Fellowship will be made by the Directors of KIND by November 30, 2019. We aim to award 1-2 new Kavli Fellowships per year. The KIND Postdoctoral Fellow program entails:[2]

  • A competitive salary for the KIND Postdoctoral Fellow for 2 years (one step higher than standard postdoc salaries at TU Delft).

  • Travel and expendables budget of 5 k€ per year for the KIND Fellow.

  • Mentoring by the two involved faculty members of KIND.

Running budget and infrastructure for the project will be made available by the KIND supervisors. Contract extensions after the 2-year appointment may be provided by the Kavli supervisors through funds other than this KIND fellowship. For questions on the KIND postdoctoral fellowships, feel free to contact us. Pre-inquiries may help significantly to discuss the suitability of a candidature and project to this call. Chirlmin Joo, Director KIND, email C.Joo@tudelft.nl Lieven Vandersypen, Director KIND, email L.M.K.Vandersypen@tudelft.nl Amanda van der Vlist, Management Assistant KIND, email A.vandervlist@tudelft.nl